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GPS Tracking Chairs

GPS Tracker For Chairs

Creating unique and original marketing efforts is nothing new for the business minds in the corporate world today. Many businesses attempt to be remarkable by standing out from the crowd, being a purple cow, and that is exactly what a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based chair manufacturer has done by incorporating GPS tracking system technology into their fashionable savvy products.


The chair manufacturer is a company called Blu Dot, which was formed by a group of three friends who met in college in the late 1990s. Blu Dot’s goal is to create trendy, unique, and affordable furniture for home and office, but it is how they are using tracking system technology that uses GPS tracking science that has shined the spotlight on the company. What Blu Dot has done is placed tracking systems into various quality designer chairs that will be spread across the Manhattan, New York area. The marketing brains at Blu Dot are hoping the live GPS tracking enabled designer chairs will help create a buzz around their brand name and products.

Track Furniture with GPS

GPS tracking systems will be placed into select quality chairs so their movement and location can be monitored via the tracking system technology. Blue Dot is hoping the information provided by the GPS trackers will provide information about:

  • What type of consumer is purchasing the chairs?
  • What region the consumer is from?
  • What do consumers enjoy about the product?

Tracking system data will be collected for approximately 3 months, and a representative from the company will conduct an interview with the purchaser of the chair after all data has been organized. Not only will the purchaser’s chair be monitored with the GPS tracker, but the chair will also be enabled with a Twitter feed. This will allow the purchaser to comment and leave status messages regarding the product, creating a groundbreaking way for fans to interact with one another. This is yet another avenue the business world is taking advantage of GPS tracking system technology.

Would you follow the GPS tracking data?

Do you feel a tracking system can assist marketing efforts?

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