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heartWith the growing number of parents investing in tracking systems designed for keeping tabs on their children, some people have questioned if child tracking devices are in invasion of privacy. The real questions some people have been asking are:

How would a child feel about carrying a tracking system everywhere they go?

Would the child view the GPS tracker as a potential life-saving piece of equipment or as a toy?

Would the child really understand the function of the GPS tracker and understand exactly what it does?

Tracking System Direct conducted an interview with a 7-year-old girl from the southern California area named Bobbie Henry regarding real time GPS tracking technology, and below is a list of her responses to the interview questions.

Have You Heard Of GPS Tracking System Technology Before?

Yes. Its a little thing that tells people where you are at.

Do Any Of Your Classmates Carry A GPS Tracking System?

Yes. I think a kid’s grandparents used one before.

If Your Parents Wanted You To Carry A Tracking System Would You Be Okay With It? Why?

Yes. I would be okay with it because my mom would know that I am safe.

Would You Feel Safer Carrying A Tracking System At School? Why?

Yes. Because their might be bullies.

Would You Feel Safer Carrying A Tracking System Outside Of School? Why?

Yes. Because somebody could kidnap you.

Do You Think All Kids Should Carry GPS Tracking Systems On Them? Why?

Yes. Because their parents know where they are so they don’t have to worry about them

Should Parents Carry GPS Tracking Systems On Them? Why?

No. Because they know what to do if they get kidnapped.

Where Would You Keep Your Tracking System?

In my pocket so they know where I am walking.