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GPS Tracker For Kids

Micro Chips Implanted In Children For Tracking

Finding a person who does not believe child safety is of the utmost importance is a very difficult thing, but the one thing many people disagree on is the method in which we monitor and protect our children from kidnappers, molesters and all of the other scum bags who prey on kids. For years, there have been rumors floating around about potential GPS micro chips that could be woven into a child’s clothing or implanted slightly beneath the skin that would provide parents a way to monitor every location there child goes with relative ease. Although the truth about GPS microchip technology is nowhere near as sophisticated as it appears in Hollywood films, portable GPS tracking systems are proving to be an effective and reliable solution to enhancing child safety.

GPS tracking children can be one of the simplest and most efficient ways to boost the safety of any child, however, if you are a parent who honestly believes that a microchip can be implanted in your kid that will tell you everywhere he or she is at then you are very mistaken. It is true that GPS microchips are getting smaller and more advanced on almost a daily basis, but that does not mean the technology is anywhere near the level it is often depicted on science fiction motion pictures. The main reason why it would be extremely problematic for a microchip GPS to be implanted into the skin or woven into the clothing while transmitting location-based data is the unit would not have a sufficient power supply. Meaning, there would be no way to “hard-wire” a GPS micro chip to a human body for permanent installation like a car, and no portable battery would be small enough to handle the receiving/transmission of data for more than maybe an hour at the very most.

Child Safety

Vehicle tracking systems are great devices for monitoring driving behavior and activity because they are both small and portable, allowing companies to move the tracking systems from vehicle-to-vehicle with relative ease. However, some of these car tracking systems can also be used by people for child tracking because the trackers are so compact and movable. Basically, a parent could place a device such as the SilverCloud tracker in the backpack of a child or have the youngster carry the system. Since the GPS tracking systems are smaller than a cellular phone, carrying the devices is easy and non-evasive. The parent could then have access to everywhere their child is at all times throughout the day, making it easy to know the exact moment a child arrived at the bus stop or got to a friend’s house. When the child comes home, the parent could then recharge the GPS tracking unit overnight in the same way they charge their personal cell phones every night.

The trackers could also be used as GPS teen tracking systems to ensure safe driving!

At this point in time, the best and most effective type of monitoring device on the market for child tracking would be a portable live tracking solution similar to the SilverCloud system. Parents will have to wait until a sequel of Robocop or Total Recall to come out if they want to see GPS micro chips as effective monitoring solutions.

Source: GPS for Today