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GPS Tracking Cigar Shipments

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Cigar Companies Track Cargo With GPS

Cigars have always been symbolic of relaxation, power, and celebration. Whether a person strikes up a cigar to celebrate the birth of a child or the closing of a new deal at work, the rich flavor of a good cigar can certainly enhance the quality of life. Unfortunately, providing consumers with quality cigars is not the easiest task for many cigar manufacturers and this is the reason why many have taken a call to action by increasing distribution oversight. This oversight by cigar manufacturers is being conducted through the use of GPS auto tracking systems that offer live GPS location data which provide cigar businesses the ability to see where shipments of cigars are located at any time!

GPS Tracking Devices For Shipping Goods

GPS monitoring systems are now commonplace in the business world because of the boost they provide in asset management and vehicle security. The real-time technology allows businesses to see how fast drivers are going, determine if drivers are operating company vehicles safely, receive alerts if a vehicle has been stolen, account for the total mileage employees have accumulated on a weekly basis, and much more. In terms of shipping goods, GPS tracking devices can be employed in a way to give supervisors an immediate estimated time of arrival on goods being moved from point A to point B. This time-sensitive information can be critical when transporting livestock, cigars, or other valuable goods.

Being able to track where cigars are located is important for cigar distributors for a number of reasons. The first is obviously deployment and arrival time accuracy. With GPS vehicle tracking technology a cigar distributor can be alerted not only the moment a truck carrying cigars leaves a warehouse but also the very moment it arrives at its intended destination! This information can also be valuable if there is ever a question regarding cargo theft which can happen when shipping valuable goods. This brings up another benefit of using GPS monitoring systems which is theft-prevention.

Automobile theft is a serious issue for anyone who owns a vehicle but for businesses the loss of a vehicle for even a day can bring operations to a halt. GPS trackers for trucks are one of the ways businesses are fighting back though because when a truck moving cargo is equipped with a live GPS that truck location information is always accessible. Therefore, if auto-theft strikes, the fleet manager can quickly determine vehicle location and provide the information to local police in order to safely bring the vehicle and its contents home safely.

We all enjoy a crisp flavorful cigar but rarely do we think about how that cigar got from the tobacco fields into our hands, but the reality is the journey is a long one filled with many security measures and fleet efficiencies.