GPS Tracking Cigarette Lighter Adapters

GPS cigarette lighter adapter

Cigarette Lighter Adapters NOW AVAILABLE!

Secondary Power Options For GPS Trackers

cigarette_lighter_adapter_victoriaTwo of the most popular GPS tracking devices offered through Tracking System Direct are the GPS Tracking Key Pro (passive) and Victoria tracker (real-time) models of GPS vehicle trackers. What has made these systems so special is the versatility that the trackers bring to consumers and businesses. For example, the Pro has the unique ability to capture easily over 100 hours worth of driving activity data on only two (AA batteries), while the live tracking Victoria tracker can transmit unlimited real-time positions every 10 seconds. Although both GPS tracking systems have the ability to perform beyond effectively on their internal power sources, many businesses, consumers and police agencies require a secondary power option to extend battery-life. For these “power users”, Tracking System Direct is now offering cigarette lighter adapters that will easily connect from the tracker to the electrical system of a vehicle, enhancing battery-life way beyond the capacity of a set of AA batteries or internal lithium ion battery.

“After receiving numerous requests for a secondary power option for our most popular passive and real-time monitoring units, TSD felt it was necessary to meet all of our customer’s needs by offering cigarette lighter adapter accessories for those wanting to maximize battery-life without hard-wiring their GPS tracking system“, explained Ryan Horban, President of Operations. Anyone interested in learning more about how cigarette lighter adapters can provide the power solution for business or consumer vehicle management needs can visit the new accessories page, or contact a TSD tracking expert at anytime.

Hard-wiring cables, extended battery packs and waterproof cases are also newly available accessories introduced to the TSD line of products, along with the cigarette lighter adapters.