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GPS Tracking Copper Wire

GPS Tracker For Copper Theft

Today it seems like everyone is trying to be more green. People are bringing in their own bags to grocery stores to reduce the over-usage of toxic plastic bags, separating aluminum and plastics on trash day and recycling precious scrap metals whenever the occasion arises. Many people are aware of the positive impact reducing our carbon footprint can have on the overall health of our planet, but what they are often not aware of is the money that can be made from recycling metals such as copper. Copper is an electrical conductor and therefore is used in a variety of items, including wire, generators, air conditioning units and more. Since copper that has been recycled holds nearly 90% of its original value it has quickly became sought after by thieves trying to make a few bucks, and this is why some people are using GPS tracking technology to protect any copper-based assets.

Mini Live GPS Tracker For Copper Theft Prevention

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Copper recycling prices vary with the fluctuating metals market, but overall copper has a consistently strong value. Unfortunately, when something has a strong monetary value it is often targeted by thieves, and that has been the dark side of copper for so many years. A non-renewable resource, copper is stolen from construction sites, abandon houses and more. Recently in San Bernardino County, two men were arrested for stealing electrical wire from a federal prison located in the Boron area. The prison, which was closed over a decade ago, still had valuable copper inside and around the area in the form of wire, making it an easy target for the thieves. Although police were able to catch the thieves this time, many businesses are taking a more proactive approach by equipping wire and other assets composed of copper with GPS tracking devices.

SpaceHawk GPS tracking system and other live monitoring systems transmit the location of a person, asset or item in real-time. The GPS data is accessible remotely through an online web-based application or software, giving both businesses and consumers a way to track down valuables that are stolen within seconds. Bu the past part is the GPS accuracy is within 6 feet! When attached to copper or other important assets, GPS trackers can provide a cost-effective and powerful theft-recovery solution.

GPS Tracking Systems Protect Precious Metals

Although the two men arrested in San Bernardino for stealing copper wire are still awaiting sentencing for their crimes, should their punishment be severe considering the prison was abandon and they were indeed recycling, something good for our environment?

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