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GPS Tracking Could Help Chilean Rescuers

Massive Rescue Effort Underway In Chile

GPS Tracking Technology May Assist Rescue Operations

As the death toll rises higher every day, Chilean rescue teams move throughout cities of rubble looking for victims of the 8.8 earthquakes that destroyed buildings and claimed the lives of nearly 1000 people thus far. “We are doing everything we can to find people in need of help and rescue”, stated a person aiding in the recovery and rescue effort in the South American nation. One method that could give rescuers the ability to mobilize and maximize rescue efforts is by using state-of-the-art GPS tracking system technology.

How GPS Tracking Cab Help Chilean Rescuers

1) Giving the search and rescue crews the ability to better improve fleet management operations.

When mobile rescue vehicles are equipped with GPS trackers rescue personnel have the ability to maximize efforts by ensuring that they are not combing over the same areas already searched multiple times. The vehicle tracking systems will record every location a rescue vehicle traveled, allowing a control base to coordinate or deploy other rescue vehicles to other areas in need.

2) Allowing rescuers to pinpoint the approximate location of a person in need via their cellular phone or mobile communication device’s tracking system chip.

Mobile communication GPS tracking is not the ideal way rescuers would prefer to locate victims because of the high tendency for cellular triangulation errors, resulting in the inaccurate transmission of positions. However, in times of emergency, anything that can help rescuers locate victims can be beneficial.

Aftermath Of The Chile Quake

Although it may take months before we truly understand the full extent of the damage caused by the quake we can only continue to pray for the families of the people affected by the natural disaster and hope for the best.

The magnitude 8.8 earthquake was the second largest quake to ever hit the Chilean region. Nearly 50 years ago, a magnitude 9.5 earthquake shocked the area.

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