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coverage_mapPeople who begin researching real-time monitoring system technology inevitably come across the fact that most GPS tracking systems utilize what is known in the industry as assisted-global positioning systems (A-GPS). Essentially how real-time trackers such as the SpaceHawk utilize A-GPS is very simple. The GPS tracker gathers longitude, latitude positions, and various other location-based data using the network of Department of Defense satellites orbiting the Earth. With the help of either an external or internal antenna, the car tracker on Earth acquires satellite data, determining the exact location of the monitoring device, how fast it is going, and more. The data from the tracker then uses cellular technology to transmit the data stored on the device to a server where the unique location-based information can be accessed by mobile phone or computer. Since 99.9% of GPS tracking systems use cellular communication as the avenue in which data is transmitted, every person thinking about purchasing a live tracker needs to find out what cellular provider the device they intend to use will be utilizing. For those wanting to learn more about what cellular carrier the latest real-time innovation from Tracking System Direct(TSD) uses, TSD has chosen to provide this article as a guide for potential new customers to search their own unique areas for quality coverage.

There are many unique and sophisticated features about the SpaceHawk, such as the device’s ability to operate in over 150+ countries around the world, that make the GPS tracking unit one of the most effective and reliable monitoring solutions for anyone from consumers to law enforcement agencies. However, one thing many people may not be aware of is that the standard GPS units use the AT&T cellular network to transmit GPS data to secure servers where users can access information with usernames and passwords. The AT&T coverage map is continually updating and improving, and may get even larger with the soon-to-be acquisition of T-Mobile this is why TSD and the brains behind the latest real-time innovation selected to go with AT&T as the carrier of choice for GPS data. Not to mention, the Verizon CDMA network was not going to be a solution for those looking for a device that had international tracking capabilities.

The coverage map, which can be found in the upper right in this article and on the AT&T website, shows that while some areas may have complete coverage, some rural areas and areas with unique terrain environments may face minor challenges. TSD always suggests that if a passive tracker such as the GPS Tracking Key Pro is a viable monitoring solution that it should be the choice consumers go with because the unit captures and records data every second, and is not bound to any cellular coverage. GPS data loggers have a global footprint, making them ideal for people requiring a GPS tracking system solution in very remote areas.

*Passive trackers require data to be manually accessed via download

TSD wants to make certain that when a customer uses a device offered on the Tracking System Direct website that the unit will meet, if not exceed, the customer’s expectations. TSD understands the importance of applications such as elderly tracking, teen tracking, and business tracking and that is why we want to provide potential customers the ability to know if our devices will work in their particular areas or where equipment will be used. We would like to invite anyone interested in the TSD line of real-time tracking solutions to view the AT&T coverage map to ensure that our systems will work flawlessly in the areas where YOU will be using the devices.

It is important to note that the promotional units offered with no monthly service obligations or activation fees for life are currently operating on the T-Mobile cellular network. Therefore, coverage for those particular 500 units will differ from the SilverCloud units operating off the AT&T network. For those who have purchased or intend on purchasing the promotional units without monthly service fees, the T-Mobile Coverage Map can be found by visiting the T-Mobile company website.

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