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Christmas is the holiday that is usually all about giving and spending time with loved ones, but with the increase of crime during the holiday season, Santa may be running low on coal to fill stockings with. A growing problem in suburban neighborhoods over the past 15 years has been the theft of holiday lawn decorations during Christmas time. Some high-school and middle-school kids will sneak out of the family home and go into the night to steal Christmas lights, Santa fixtures, and reindeer displays right off the lawn of a neighbor. Unfortunately for these thieves, Santa has gave many families real-time GPS tracking systems this Christmas.

Every year many people will try to out do each other, putting so many Christmas lights and lawn decorations on their property and homes that astronauts in space can probably see them. Although at times these decorations can appear excessive, they do bring joy to the community as newspapers give out best decoration awards, and families take car trips to look at all the beautiful lights. “My neighbors and I have been doing the Christmas lawn displays for 6 years now, and the last 2 years we had decorations stolen by drunk teenagers in Misfits shirts”, explained Brad Stevens, a Phoenix, Arizona resident. Stevens explained that he and his neighbors love putting the decorations up for the children, but because of the recent theft problem the last 2 years he and his neighbors will be placing GPS tracking units in some of the more expensive decorations. “If those kids try and steal Santa from my lawn this year they will be shocked when the GPS tracking system leads police to their homes”, said Stevens.

If Santa doesn’t catch you a real-time GPS tracking system will!

Real-Time Tracking Systems In Action

Some holiday decorations and displays can cost easily over $100, making them a prime target for Grinches. However, with real-time tracking system devices a holiday lawn decorator no longer has to worry about their displays being stolen. All they need to do in order to keep their beloved decorations safe is place one of the real-time GPS tracking systems into the decoration. When the decoration is moved, the GPS tracker will awake from its sleep mode and begin recording and transmitting positions in real-time, giving the home decorator easy access to every where their holiday ornaments are moving.

Catching the Grinch has never been so effortless with real-time GPS tracking technology.

Tracking System Opinion

Have you ever had holiday decorations stolen from your front lawn?

Would you eve consider GPS tracking Santa to catch thieves trying to steal your lawn decor?

If a GPS tracking device captured a holiday thief, what would be a good punishment?