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GPS Tracking Device For Equipment

Equipment GPS Anti Theft

Whether it is personal property such as construction tools or company equipment like motor vehicle assets, there is always a chance that equipment can be stolen. The sad reality is that theft results in billions of dollars in loss for small businesses and contractors in the United States every single year. Although this massive financial burden for small businesses can be an unnecessary headache, many companies are now taking new measures to reduce equipment theft. This boost in equipment safety is occurring through the technology solutions known as micro GPS tracking devices engineered to quickly recover stolen property.

GPS Asset Tracker


Tracking Device For Stolen Items

What is an equipment theft tracking device? The short answer is a portable, waterproof, real time GPS tracker that a company or person can digitally access 24/7 to affirm equipment is secure. These GPS tracking devices for equipment can be placed upon ATVs, boats, golf carts, construction equipment, or any asset that needs protection from theft. Once equipped with the asset, the tracking device for stolen items can be programmed to send out an alert the very second the asset is moved! Not to mention, live position updates can show up on a mobile phone or computer screen as quickly as every 3 seconds. However, for companies more concerned about their equipment which is rarely used or moved being stolen, long-lasting battery GPS trackers can stay in a sleep mode for over 120 days on a single battery cycle. Updated can also be programmed as frequently as 3 seconds, but as infrequently as once every 24 hours.

9 Tips For Safeguarding Equipment

  1. Utilize Industrial GPS Tracking Devices
  2. Pay Attention To Theft In Your Area Of Business
  3. If Assets Are Stolen, Report The Loss Immediately
  4. Park Equipment In Well-Lit Areas
  5. Consider Hidden Cameras On Job Sites
  6. Inform Workers Of Security Protocols
  7. Invest In Security Teams For Surveillance During The Evening
  8. Install Motion Sensors To Scare Off Trespassers
  9. Make Equipment Not Easily Removed From Property

How Much Does Tracker Cost?

Businesses researching a GPS tracker for construction equipment, a small GPS tracking chip for tools, or a simple real time equipment theft tracking device can purchase these security solutions for approximately $199.00 per device and a $75 annual subscription for data. For those wanting a higher-performance equipment theft tracking device, there are GPS tracker options available for as little as $89.00 per device and $24.95 a month with refresh rates pumping out as fast as every 60 seconds! Additional features of a tracking system for equipment safety include:

  • Live Updates
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Waterproof Housing
  • Exterior Magnet For Covert Placement
  • Sensitive Internal Antenna For Undercarriage Placement

Equipment Theft Tracking Device

Industrial GPS tracking device solutions are unique security tools because they can help a company both manage and safeguard assets. Let’s take a look at a couple of real-world examples of this. In the first scenario, a small HVAC company could install micro GPS tracking devices on all company vehicles. The GPS trackers would then help HVAC management understand where employees are located in the field at all times and even improve service times because of this real time data. Not to mention, if a company van were ever stolen it could instantly be located and recovered safely. In the second scenario, a country club concerned about golf cart theft could boost asset security by using a GPS tracking device for equipment on each golf cart. The live GPS tracker would then provide an update on location once a day and provide these updates for months! Managing a small fleet or protecting construction equipment is literally as simple as connecting the real time GPS on the asset. The best part? The equipment theft tracking device solutions are about 2 inches in size and can be hidden on an asset out of the watchful eye of thieves!

Protecting assets and construction equipment is important for maintaining and growing a company’s bottom line. Losing valuable equipment is unfortunate, but the hours of work lost can also be a burden for companies when theft strikes. That is why it is critical that all businesses with important or expensive equipment research the different equipment GPS tracking devices on the market.

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