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GPS Tracking Device For Rental Equipment

Struggling With Lost Rental Equipment? Solve It With Rental Equipment Trackers!

In the competitive rental equipment industry, effective asset management is crucial. GPS tracking devices have changed the way fleet managers monitor and track vehicles, heavy machinery, and nonpowered assets. However, one area where GPS trackers are now increasingly being used that people might not be familiar with is in the rental equipment industry. Businesses renting out vehicles, heavy equipment, or other assets are able to securely monitor and protect equipment through the use of real time GPS tracking. But what is a real time GPS rental equipment tracker, and how does the technology assist rental equipment businesses? In this article, we’ll explore the best GPS trackers, their features, and the benefits of using them. From theft reduction to optimized maintenance schedules, we will tackle everything you need to know about rental equipment tracking devices.

Best GPS Tracker For Equipment 2023

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According to online reviews and industry experts, the best GPS tracker for rental equipment is the SpaceHawk. The reason SpaceHawk GPS is so popular among rental equipment companies is that the tracker is portable, waterproof, small, and has a surface magnet so it can easily be hidden on a piece of equipment without hassle. Another cool feature of the device is that it is a real time GPS tracker but service plans are month-to-month so rental equipment companies do not have lengthy contracts or commitments.

10 Benefits Of GPS Tracking Rental Equipment 

  1. Improved equipment management: GPS tracking devices enable rental businesses to monitor equipment usage and optimize rental management processes.
  2. Theft prevention: GPS trackers make it easy to track stolen equipment and quickly recover valuable assets.
  3. Real-time location tracking: Fleet managers can monitor and track the location of rental equipment in real-time, enhancing overall fleet tracking efficiency.
  4. Improved customer service: Rental tracking allows businesses to provide customers with accurate, real-time equipment availability, streamlining the renting process.
  5. Vehicle tracking: GPS vehicle trackers help fleet managers track and manage trucks, trailers, and other transport vehicles for rental equipment.
  6. Battery-powered options: Battery-powered GPS trackers allow easy monitoring of nonpowered assets, like heavy machinery and construction equipment.
  7. Comprehensive tracking platforms: GPS tracking systems integrate with equipment management software, providing a centralized platform for monitoring assets and equipment.
  8. Increased equipment utilization: By tracking equipment usage, businesses can identify underutilized assets and optimize their deployment.
  9. Enhanced maintenance schedules: GPS tracking solutions help rental companies implement preventive maintenance schedules based on equipment usage data.
  10. Unauthorized usage detection: Hidden GPS trackers notify rental managers about unauthorized equipment usage, promoting better rental management.

Everyday rental equipment businesses across the globe look for ways to mitigate the risk of theft and increase asset protection strategies. Whether a business is in the field of construction equipment rental and needs to safeguard a piece of heavy machinery or a stainless steel distributor who needs to monitor equipment to ensure freight is not stolen, real-time GPS tracking technology is proving to be the go-to solution.

Atlanta Business Transformed: A Real-World GPS Equipment Tracking Success Story

One construction company, Johnson Builders Ltd., located in Atlanta, Georgia, significantly benefited from implementing GPS rental equipment tracking in their daily operations. The firm, which relied on renting equipment such as trucks, heavy machinery, and trailers, needed a solution to reduce theft, improve asset management, and optimize equipment utilization. By adopting a comprehensive GPS tracking system for their rental equipment, they witnessed a remarkable transformation in their business processes.

According to a case study published by Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc., Johnson Builders Ltd. installed GPS trackers for equipment, vehicle tracking devices, and fleet dash cameras on their rented assets, such as a CAT excavator and several Ford F-350 trucks. These powerful tracking tools provided realtime GPS tracking, enabling the company to monitor unauthorized usage and ensure that the rented equipment was being used efficiently.

In one instance, a rented truck was stolen from a construction site in the Buckhead neighborhood. The GPS tracking system allowed Johnson Builders Ltd. to quickly locate the vehicle and alert the authorities. The stolen truck was promptly recovered, preventing significant financial losses and potential delays in the project timeline.

The GPS tracking solution also helped Johnson Builders Ltd. establish preventive maintenance schedules for their rental equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reducing downtime. For example, the system alerted the company when a rented excavator was due for an oil change, enabling them to schedule maintenance at a convenient time and avoid unexpected equipment failure.

As a result, Johnson Builders Ltd. experienced increased equipment utilization, better rental management, and reduced theft. This real-world example highlights the numerous benefits of GPS rental equipment tracking and demonstrates how it can greatly enhance business operations, making it an essential investment for companies that rely on rented assets.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do GPS Equipment Trackers Improve Rental Equipment Management?

GPS equipment trackers, like asset trackers and powered asset devices, streamline rental equipment management by providing real-time location tracking, monitoring usage, and ensuring timely maintenance. With these systems in place, businesses can optimize equipment assets, prevent unauthorized use, and reduce theft, ultimately improving efficiency and saving costs.

What Types Of Rental Equipment Can Benefit From GPS Tracking?

A wide range of rental equipment can benefit from GPS tracking, including vehicles, trucks, recreational vehicles, trailers, and heavy machinery. GPS systems such as fleet tracking, GPS vehicle tracking, and GPS equipment tracking are versatile and can be applied to various types of equipment, ensuring effective management across numerous industries.

How Can A Battery-Powered Tracker Help Protect Rental Equipment?

Battery-powered trackers, like GPS asset trackers and equipment GPS trackers, help protect rental equipment by enabling real-time location tracking and monitoring. This allows businesses to keep an eye on their assets and act quickly in case of unauthorized usage or theft. Battery-powered devices also offer flexibility, as they don’t require a direct power connection, making them suitable for various types of equipment.

What Features Should I Look For In Rental Equipment Tracking Devices?

When selecting a tracking device for rental equipment, look for features such as real-time GPS tracking, compatibility with tracking platforms and equipment management software, and user-friendly customer login interfaces. Additional features like dash cameras and fleet dash cameras can provide extra security and visibility, while compatibility with trailer and truck tracking systems is essential for businesses with large fleets.

Can GPS Tracking Help Improve Equipment Rental Customer Experience?

Absolutely! GPS tracking can significantly enhance the customer experience in equipment rental businesses. By providing accurate equipment location data, rental companies can ensure timely deliveries and pickups, while also offering customers personal tracking access. Additionally, GPS tracking helps prevent equipment theft and reduces downtime, resulting in a more reliable and efficient rental process for customers.

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