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GPS Tracking System Exterior Cases

Protecting Your GPS System From The Elements

GPS_CaseMany GPS tracking units are well designed, offering users a weather-resistant housing. However, weather-resistant housing offers very little protection if the micro tracking system is placed underneath a vehicle when tough elemental conditions are present. This is because when a GPS unit is magnetically attached to the undercarriage of an automobile during a snow or rain storm the water will splash up and hit the GPS monitoring system at high speeds, acting almost like a high-water pressure sprayer. Not to mention, many real-time GPS tracking units are simply not engineered with exterior magnetic mounts because most people who invest in live tracking systems typically have the GPS unit permanently hard-wired so they do not have to be concerned with battery-life. Looking to offer consumers and businesses a water-proof case with a tough/rugged exterior magnetic mount, TSD has added a new state-of-the-art and technically sophisticated case that will provide GPS users the exterior case they desire.

What makes this case different from many other GPS cases on the market is that it tackles the two main problems many GPS trackers have, an inability to mount magnetically to the outside of a vehicle and housing that is not technically water-proof. For example, one of the most popular live GPS monitoring systems among police agencies and businesses is the Victoria tracking system, but the live tracker was not engineered with a exterior magnetic mount or even water-resistant housing.This is because when the live tracker was originally designed to be hard-wired to 12 volt electrical system of a vehicle. However, many people do not want a permanently installed tracking solution, but rather a portable solution. Looking to meet the needs of all consumers and businesses, TSD has added a GPS case that can hold up against the worst elemental conditions and at the same time magnetically mount to the outside frame of any vehicle.

The new GPS case will be offered to potential customers at the cost of $49.95 along with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Anyone with questions regarding GPS tracking devices or the new case offered by TSD can contact a team representative 7 days a week via email or phone.