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Most people who are not familiar with cities located in Michigan or who do not follow college athletics have likely never heard of the city of East Lansing. A college town with a powerhouse NCAA basketball program, the city of East Lansing is most widely recognized for being home to Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans. Although Izzo is widely viewed as the hero of East Lansing for his role in bringing 6 teams to the Final Four in the last 12 years, GPS tracking devices are now becoming the hero of police departments working in the college town.


Every city across the nation faces its own set of unique challenges in regard to law enforcement and crime. Although the crime statistics for East Lansing are regarded as some of the best in the state, the Michigan police working in the city would like to get the numbers associated with robbery, rape, murder, and manslaughter even lower. However, with the unemployment in Michigan stretching closer toward 15%, forcing the state to reduce or cut funding to many governments and state-run programs, police are feeling the budgetary pinch. Although reducing or eliminating overtime pay, the focus of many state and local politicians appears that it would make it more difficult for officers to conduct thorough investigations, with the help of GPS vehicle tracking system technology cities such as East Lansing will be able to manage the business as usual.

Hidden GPS Trackers In East Lansing, MI

How vehicle tracking tools such as the SpaceHawk GPS tracking system could help police in East Lansing is simple. The live GPS tracker could be placed on the vehicle of a potential/suspected criminal, allowing police to monitor driving activity for a suspect. The vehicle tracker provides a cost-effective way for the police operating in East Lansing or anywhere in Michigan to observe behavior without having to pay the high costs associated with overtime.

Although the driving force behind the city of East Lansing is education, the college town has many beautiful places to offer tourists traveling to the area. With the crime rate of East Lansing being so low with the help of good officers and likely GPS tracking systems, people should come to the quaint college town for a visit and catch a basketball game sometime.

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