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GPS Tracking Devices Protect Police Officers

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Surveillance Technology Helps Police Officers

GPS tracking devices have so many functions these days that it can be hard to keep track of all the ways that they can be used. Many people know that vehicle tracking devices can save law enforcement officials hours and hours of time tracking down stolen cars and bank robbers because the tracking systems give them the exact location of the missing goods. However, many people don’t realize that these same GPS tracking systems can help to keep police officers safe as well.

Live GPS trackers send out signals at regular intervals (some every second) to a satellite. These signals give the exact location of the device and the speed and direction at which it is traveling. All of this information can easily be viewed on a computer. Maps with this information can show the path that the device has taken throughout the day. Real time GPS trackers can be used in more ways than passive systems, which have to be retrieved and plugged into a computer if the information from the system is to be viewed and used. However, both of these systems are very advanced. They have long battery lives and give very precise and accurate readings.

But how can GPS tracking devices protect police officers? It’s simple. Law enforcement officials, as well as private investigators, can use these devices to shadow suspects. Shadowing people is a costly activity. Not only does it take a lot of time to follow a suspect around all day (or even all week), but can be very dangerous for the police officer. But with real-time GPS tracking systems, police officers can track people virtually through their vehicles.

In most states, police officers are allowed to place a tracking device on a vehicle in an open area or a public space. Driveways are considered open areas and parking lots are obviously public spaces, so police officers don’t have to work too hard to place a tracker on a suspect’s vehicle. With the help of a handful of GPS trackers, one police officer could track several different suspects without them realizing it. Virtual tracking with GPS keeps police officers out of danger by distancing them from suspects that might be armed.

Using police GPS tracking devices will cut down on injuries to police officers and allow them to track more suspects with a computer. GPS trackers are clearly well worth the investment.