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Tracking Systems to Track Fur Rendezvous Championships

dog-sledOne of the oldest sports will receive a technological upgrade when the Fur Rendezvous World Championship dog sledding race participants will wear GPS tracking systems so fans can watch the exciting race over the Internet in real-time. The 25 mile dog sled race, which covers areas across the Anchorage Alaskan region, is expected to last for 3 days, and fans will be able to watch every moment of the competitive race  thanks to the GPS tracking systems. The race is part of a 10 day festival to celebrate life in Anchorage. GPS trackers will begin recording the Fur Rendezvous World Championship Sled Dog Race when it begins on February 26th.

The Fur Rendezvous World Championship dog sledding race is following the footsteps of the more widely recognized Iditarod race, which was the first major organized dog sledding race to use GPS tracking systems on race participants.

GPS Tracking Systems to Record a Close One

This year’s race is expected to be one the most competitive and exciting runs the Fur Rendezvous World Championships have ever seen, and fans will not even have to leave the warmth of their homes to watch the event because of the GPS tracking systems. Jeff King, a multiple winner of the Iditarod race, will attempt to dethrone defending champion Blayne Streeper to try and take the winner’s share of the almost $100,000 purse. The live GPS tracking data will be displayed across bars and taverns in the Anchorage area so patrons can watch the race in real-time while relaxing. One Anchorage resident said, ” This is going to be one hell of a race between Streeper and King and I am just glad I can watch it at a bar with my friends via the GPS tracking system rather than in that February cold, freezing my butt off”. Not only are local residents excited, but even Ernie Hall, the Board President of the race, believes that the GPS tracking systems are going to put a new thrilling spin on the event. Hall stated that the GPS tracking systems, that will be recording the mushers in real-time, can only bring more attention to the exciting sport, Anchorage events, and Alaska in general. Organizers are banking Hall and Anchorage residents are correct about the GPS tracking systems.

Anyone looking for more information on the race or how GPS tracking systems will be used during the race can visit the festival’s website at

Source: Anchorage Daily News