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Drinking, Driving, And GPS Tracking

Do you think law enforcement should use GPS tracking on drivers who have multiple DUI offenses? Some people may think this is an invasion of a person’s privacy, but due to the seriousness of the issue should frequent DUI offenders lose that privacy? Seemingly every week news agencies broadcast a story about a drunk driver involved in an automobile accident that resulted in a fatal conclusion for usually an innocent bystander or motorist. The issue is a serious one because of the potential ramifications of drinking and driving.

If you knew a person was a multiple DUI offender would you think law enforcement should be able to use GPS tracking systems to gather information on how many bars a person gravitates to, and where their locations are? With information recorded from a GPS tracking system, law enforcement could potentially arrest an individual who has been monitored and seen to be intoxicated getting into a vehicle to drive or be seen driving the vehicle while under the influence.

Ideally, law enforcement would want to use real time GPS vehicle tracking technology to prevent the habitual offender from getting on the roadways in an intoxicated mind frame.

Is GPS Tracking The Solution For Habitual DUI Offenders?

The repercussions of a driver under the influence are a very scary thing. If law enforcement could intervene by stopping and arresting an individual with a prior record of drinking and driving it could very possibly save people’s lives. With GPS tracking technology already available and used by law enforcement agencies, vehicle GPS trackers would seem to be an excellent tool for preventing drunk driving-related fatalities.

Does it make sense for multiple DUI offenders to continue to drive intoxicated and continue to be a threat to themselves and others?

Law enforcement is employed to serve and protect. Maybe most people would comply that police have the right to protect and serve the public by implementing GPS tracking of vehicles driven by habitual DUI offenders? If DUI offenders knew they could be monitored by a vehicle tracking device maybe they would think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. The statistics of injuries and deaths by DUI offenders would probably go down considerably with a proactive approach to the problem.

What are your thoughts on GPS tracking habitual DUI offenders?