GPS Tracking Elba City School Buses


Vehicle Tracking Devices Assist Alabama Schools

Elba City School Buses To Be Outfitted With GPS Trackers

BusesLooking to improve the safety of students who use district transportation services, Elba City schools in Alabama will begin using GPS tracking technology to keep track of buses that shuttle kids to and from school.

The GPS tracking systems, which will transmit the location of a vehicle every minute, will be hard-wired to the entire fleet of school buses. When asked about the real-time tracking devices,Terry Spicer, a Superintendent Representative, stated in an interview that the vehicle tracking program will help improve student safety and fleet management, allowing school officials to have immediate access to any bus that may be broken down or in need of assistance.

The real time GPS trackers that will be connected to each bus are so sophisticated they will even allow Wesley Devane, the school district transportation director, to access the GPS tracking data from each bus anytime from his Blackberry smart-phone.

Another aspect the Elba City school district found advantageous about placing tracking systems on the buses was that the live GPS trackers would provide digital documentation of each buses’ routes and store the GPS tracking data for a month. By having the ability to monitor route efficiency and locations driven, school district officials can access the historical vehicle tracking information if any incident ever occurs.

Source: WTVY News