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GPS Tracking Systems Assist Electrical Contractors

Electrical Companies Eye Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking

Many companies are uncertain about the future growth of the economy due to recent events, but thankfully we are now moving back toward economic growth and stability. In an effort to reduce unnecessary costs while also boosting employee efficiency, small business contractors are watching their resources and bottom line more closely now than ever before. Many electrical companies, those working in both commercial and residential markets, are now plunging into technological means of improving operations and profit, and the sophisticated devices they are adopting are GPS tracking systems. Specifically, GPS trackers for electricians to monitor company vehicles.

Electrical companies providing a mixture of residential and commercial electrical work combined with solar panel installation understand the importance of being flexible. Diversity, customer service, and employee production have never been more important to electrical businesses than they are today because people have a pick of their litter when it comes to choosing a qualified electrician or electrical company. The competition is steep, but vehicle tracking systems are offering electrical companies a way to upgrade the customer experience while also enhancing the bottom line.

GPS Tracking Benefits To Electrical Companies

1. GPS Trackers Allow Electrical Businesses To Observe Employees

With gasoline prices rising and rising, fuel costs, fuel economy, and more specifically fuel consumption reduction are now a top priority. Electrical companies understand the need to be proactive in making certain electricians working in the field are not misusing company vehicles on both personal and work time.

2. GPS Tracking Eliminates Side Job Work Done With Company Vehicles

Construction work, and more specifically electrical laborers, have long been known to do side work. Although most companies frown upon an employee doing side work (Unions do NOT allow union workers to engage in side-work), many electrical companies turned a blind cheek to the behavior. Now it is essential to have employees working performance to be 100%, and small-time one-man shows not competing with the small and big businesses. Through the use of car tracking systems, electrical employers can identify if an electrician is doing side work in company vehicles and address the situation.

3. Real-Time GPS Boosts Customer Service

Real-time GPS tracking allows even small-time operations with a handful of employees to greatly improve customer service by providing clients/customers with exact arrival times. What many electrical companies are doing is putting a mapping program right on their corporate website where customers can see exactly where their electrician is, giving them the best estimated time for arrival. The data from these GPS trackers for electricians can even be accessed via smartphones. From the perspective of the dispatcher, real-time units make it easy to pinpoint where an electrician is, how long they have been at a job site and when they will be leaving, providing the ultimate fleet management solution.

4. Car Trackers Provide Theft-Recovery Solutions

Auto-theft is a serious concern for any automobile owner, but most people have full-coverage insurance to protect themselves against theft. Although electrical companies also take proper steps to safeguard their mobile assets financially speaking, if a work truck gets stolen that means electricians can not work for a few days or a few weeks. Although car insurance will offer a way to cover the cost of the stolen vehicle, the loss of work is what can really hurt an electrical business. It is for this reason that electrical companies are now using GPS tracking systems as an avenue to beef up security and auto-theft recovery efforts. Live GPS trackers will notify electrical company supervisors or employees via an alert if a company vehicle is moved without authorization. The alert, which can be transmitted via email or cellular SMS text message, allows businesses to know that the exact moment their vehicle is stolen. The real-time data can then be relayed to local police who can recover the stolen vehicle and arrest the car thieves, leaving the work truck ready to go for a business in the morning!

Electrical companies can no longer view GPS technology as a luxury because business tracking is now a necessity. The competition in the construction field is simply too tough for small businesses not to utilize every possible technological tool to their advantage.

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