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GPS Tracking For Airport Shuttles

Airport Shuttle Companies Go High-Tech

How A GPS Tracker Could Change Your Next Trip To The Airport

Airport shuttle transportation companies all across the globe are seeing firsthand the benefits associated with fleet tracking and vehicle management, but what does that really mean for the rest of us? How can the use of a vehicle tracking system by an airport shuttle transportation service business help us everyday folk out? The answer to that question is actually a little more complex than it may initially seem, but through the use of GPS monitoring devices such as the Connect OBD2 tracker, all of us are benefiting.

Why Airport Shuttle Companies Use GPS

GPS trackers, such as the Connect GPS, are small tools that are often hard-wired to airport shuttles, transmitting locational data in continuous intervals of anywhere between every 3 seconds to 5 minutes. Typically a fleet manager stationed in a remote facility views the locational data being transmitted by each vehicle, watching the interactive data live as it is displayed over a mapping program that provides aerial views, standard map views, and/or satellite image views via Google Earth. This data provides highly-detailed information such as how fast an airport shuttle driver is traveling, every location the airport driver has arrived/departed from, and more. From an operational perspective, airport shuttle companies utilize business GPS tracking solutions offer airport shuttle companies the following benefits:

  1. Method Of Accounting For Production Of Drivers In The Field
  2. Ways To Boost Driver Production Via Better Route Selection
  3. Simple Way To Calculate Mileage Driven Per Airport Shuttle Driver On A Daily Basis
  4. Avenue To Monitor & Reduce Fuel Consumption
  5. Enhanced Vehicle Security (Anti-Theft Technology)
  6. Public Tracking Interface That Allows Customers To Know Where Their Airport Shuttle Is Located At Any Given Time

When Airport Shuttle Companies Use GPS Tracking, Customers Win

Passengers who choose to select an airport shuttle company that has GPS monitoring devices to their fleet benefit for a number of reasons. First of all, passengers riding in an airport shuttle equipped with GPS surveillance technology can ride with peace of mind knowing that the transportation company they hired cares about their safety. This is because airport shuttle fleet managers closely monitor the driving habits of airport shuttle drivers, constantly looking for negative driving behaviors such as excessive speeding.

Although knowing the driver of your airport shuttle is not a lunatic can definitely calm the nerves of any concerned passenger, the best thing about choosing an airport shuttle company that uses GPS monitoring devices is that it can give the passenger a more precise estimated time of arrival. Through the use of a public tracking interface, airport shuttle companies using GPS can give real-time access to the location of the shuttle destined to pick each passenger up. How this works is the airport shuttle company provides the soon-to-be passenger with a unique username and password that is to be plugged into the airport shuttle company website (information can be accessed via computer, mobile phone, or tablet). With this information, the future passenger can then follow the progress of the airport shuttle that is coming to pick them up all the way to the second the driver arrives at the door! No more standing around and waiting, wondering when the airport shuttle will arrive!

Airport shuttle companies interested in learning more about the benefits of live GPS technology can contact a Tracking System Direct specialist any time for a more detailed description of how other airport shuttle companies are cutting costs and improving operations through the use of satellite tracking technology.

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