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GPS Tracking For Babies

GPS Tracking Babies – A Guide To Ensuring Your Child’s Safety

Are you a new parent worried about the safety of your baby? We totally understand. If you are a working parent with a nanny, caregiver, or family member helping you care for your newborn it makes perfect sense that you would want to know the location history of your baby. The good news is there are a lot of location sharing products for parents that will give you the exact location of your baby 24/7. And the bad news? With so many location trackers to choose from, finding the right gizmo watch or child GPS tracker with SOS button can be a challenge. So what is the best GPS tracker for kids, and what are the upfront costs when you invest in a tracking device for kids? In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about GPS tracking for babies. Let’s dive in! 

What Is The Best GPS Tracker For Babies?

With over 2,000 verified reviews on Amazon and 4.1 out-of-5-star ratings, Jiobit Smart Tag is considered one of the best devices for kids when it comes to location tracking. This child GPS uses Bluetooth and cellular technology to track the accurate location of your kids 24/7. Parents can access realtime location information on their kids through a smartphone app and even get alerts if their child gets lost or wanders away.

Watch a complete breakdown of this child safety product on the SafeWise YouTube Channel!

GPS Tracking For Babies
GPS Tracking For Babies

 5 Best GPS Trackers And Devices For Babies & Kids

As you search through the different child safety products in this article, we understand the importance of trust and unbiased information. Therefore, we want to clarify that none of the products mentioned in this article are available at the Tracking System Direct online store. We carry no bias in creating this list and have received no compensation for listing any of these child safety GPS trackers. Our goal is to provide you with genuine and reliable information to help you make the best choice for your child’s safety. Below is the list of the 5 most popular trackers for kids based on Amazon reviews:

Jiobit Smart Tag

The Jiobit Smart Tag is a petite and sturdy GPS tracker specifically designed with the safety of kids and pets in mind. Its small size and durable build make it perfect for attaching to your toddler’s clothing or bag, ensuring you can keep tabs on them no matter where they are. The device offers a range of features geared towards child safety, and it’s widely regarded as one of the top products in its category.

Key Features:

  • Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to a week of tracking on a single charge.
  • Geofencing: Create safe zones and receive alerts if your child leaves the area.
  • Mobile App: Track your child in real-time and access location history easily.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the rough and tumble of toddler play.
  • Compact Size: Lightweight and unobtrusive, perfect for little adventurers.

Check out a full review of this product from the Autism Dad!

Angelsense GPS Tracker

Angelsense GPS Tracker stands out as a comprehensive solution for monitoring the whereabouts of children, including those with special needs. It provides live location tracking along with a suite of features tailored to enhance child safety. The device’s design ensures it can securely attach to clothing, offering parents peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Live Location Tracking: Stay updated with your child’s movements in real-time.
  • Voice Monitoring: Check in on your child’s surroundings when needed.
  • Secure Attachment: Designed to stay put, even on the go.
  • Instant Alerts: Receive notifications for unexpected location changes.
  • Features for Special Needs: Extra tools to support children with autism or other conditions.

Check out real customer experiences with this product on!

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

The Samsung SmartThings Tracker is a versatile device that utilizes advanced GPS and LTE-M technology to keep track of people, pets, and valuables. This small, portable tracker ensures you can locate your toddler through a reliable smartphone app, giving you peace of mind. The device is also water-resistant, ensuring it holds up in various conditions.

Key Features

  • Multiple Tracking Uses: Suitable for tracking people, pets, and belongings.
  • Smartphone App: Locate your child easily at any time.
  • Water-Resistant: Durable design for reliability in different weather conditions.
  • Portability: Easily attaches to bags or clothing.
  • Trusted Brand: Samsung offers consistent and reliable performance.

Read what the security experts at CNET said about this product!

Geozilla GPS Tracker

Geozilla GPS Tracker provides a miniaturized solution for tracking children and other family members. This device combines GPS and cellular technology to offer real-time location tracking and monitoring. The tracker is both compact and affordable, making it an accessible option for families.

  • Compact and Convenient: Fits easily in various settings.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Know where your child is at all times.
  • Geofencing: Set safe areas and get alerts if your child leaves.
  • Multiple Access Points: Use a smartphone app or web interface for tracking.
  • Affordable Solution: A budget-friendly option for child safety.

Geozilla has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Read some of those online reviews here!

XPLORA x5 Play Kids Watch

The XPLORA x5 Play is a child-friendly smartwatch that combines GPS tracking with communication capabilities. This wearable device ensures parents can track their toddler’s location while also staying connected through phone calls and messages. It includes a parent-controlled “safe zone” feature, adding an extra layer of safety.

Key Features:

  • Wearable Design: Stays securely with your child.
  • GPS Tracking: Offers accurate location information.
  • Communication Features: Make calls and send messages directly from the watch.
  • Parent-Controlled Safety: Set up safe zones for your child.
  • Kid-Friendly Interface: Designed for easy use by children.

Check out a full review on this product at:

Each of these products offers a unique set of features to help you keep a watchful eye on your little one, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind. However, please note that many devices include more than a one-time cost. According to GPS Tracking Review, child GPS trackers require a monthly subscription fee. The monthly costs are for cellular service and data usage, which are necessary for the GPS locator to transmit data in real time. This is also the reason why every child GPS tracker is equipped with a SIM card. Therefore, it is important for parents to consider the cost of the subscription required over time and compare it with the features offered by the device.

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Tips For Keeping Your Newborn Safe

Nancy Price, mother, and owner of Sheknows, worked at a hospital as a cuddler for many years and has seen baby theft first-hand. “Sadly, I have been around situations where a family had their newborn baby stolen or switched and the setting is heartbreaking”, Price said. Price has provided the following tips to help parents keep their newborns safe.

Before Birth Baby Tips. Expecting parents should take a tour of the hospital grounds and meet staff so they know which faces are familiar. Parents should also ask nurses important questions about daily routines and more.

After The Birth Baby Tips. After a baby is born the mother and baby will receive matching identification bracelets. Parents should memorize these numbers to ensure they match. Also, as soon as the baby is born parents should make notes about the physical characteristics of the baby such as hair color and amount, body type, and length.

At-Home Baby Tips. Neighbors and strangers will easily see that a person had a child when a lawn and home are cluttered with banners and decorations that say “It’s A Girl!”. Parents need to keep a close eye on the newborn at all times and be suspicious of anything unusual.

For more tips please visit the Golisano Children’s Hospital baby safety recommendations list

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Can I Put A GPS Tracker On My Baby?

Yes, if you are the parent or legal guardian of the child have the legal right to use a mini GPS tracker to monitor your baby. However, parents should be cautious when placing a GPS device on a baby as it could pose a choking hazard.

Can I Use Apple AirTags To Track My Child?

Apple AirTags are personal GPS trackers designed to help you locate and track items such as wallets, keys, and backpacks. However, parents could also use using an Apple AirTag as a GPS tracker to keep a watchful eye on their babies. First of all, you need to access the “Find My” app on your iPhone. Next, attach the AirTag to the baby’s stroller, open the “Find My” app, and locate the AirTag on the map.

Can You Put A Tracker On The Stroller?

Yes, you can easily place a mini tracker device in your baby’s stroller to get the live location of that stroller in order to safely track your child. In fact, many parents who hire nannies will use a kid’s GPS tracker to view a childs’ locations. 

Can I Use Apple Watch To Track My Child?

The Apple GPS Watch offers several key benefits, with one of the most notable being its ability to ensure the safety of children. With its integrated GPS tracking, parents can monitor their child’s location at all times, providing peace of mind and a useful tool in case of getting lost or wander off.

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