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GPS Tracking For Gaddafi?

Security For A Middle Eastern Dictator

Gun Shot Rumors Spark Personal Security Talk

Rumors ran wild today about the leader of Libya, Muammar Gadhafi, being shot and possibly mortally wounded. Although Gaddafi has been struggling to maintain power in Libya as a wave of revolutions has been occurring all throughout the Middle East and North Africa region, news/rumors about Gaddafi being shot sent financial markets on a chaotic pattern, sending oil prices on a highly volatile course. With the general consensus being that Gaddafi was not shot and is indeed healthy, many people are questioning the personal security surrounding the man struggling to maintain his grip on a country that is a key player in the international oil market in terms of production. Although Gaddafi likely has a strong personal security squad that utilizes various surveillance and self-defense technologies, many people are wondering if the Libyan leader is using GPS tracking systems to enhance personal safety.

Real-time GPS tracking systems are more commonly associated with fleet tracking, but now GPS tracking devices are also offering a way for people to boost personal safety and security. This is because live trackers allow people, and even governments, the ability to remotely monitor people/assets. With Gaddafi struggling to maintain his power and ruling regime in the midst of widespread protests, security is now the most important thing for the politicians and diplomats trying to keep a secure hold of the government that is at a crossroads.

At the end of the day, GPS tracking systems and the most powerful military tools and tactics will not help Gaddafi stay in power if the people in Libya no longer want the dictator in control. Although Gaddafi has made billions of dollars in personal wealth in his decades of rule, stories of corruption, unemployment and human rights violations have resulted in a sustained feeling of anger among the people of Libya. Mix those ingredients with the recent successful revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, and the end result is a recipe for disaster for government leaders looking to maintain power. Hopefully, GPS tracking systems will play a significant role in providing security for both people in power, as well as protestors and revolutionaries.

Source: Daily News

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