GPS Tracking Goats


GPS Trackers Monitor Rocky Mountain Goats

Oregon Biologists Use Tracking systems To Keep Track Of Goats

GoatOregon wild life biologists recently placed GPS tracking systems on 3 goats living in the Elkhorn mountains hoping to learn more about the species living in the Oregon Rocky Mountains. The GPS tracking systems will allow researchers and biologists to monitor and record the daily movements of the goats in real-time.

It is estimated that the wild goat herds in Oregon range between 600-700, and over one third of those goats reside in the Elkhorn region.

Although this is the first time local scientists and biologists have used GPS tracking technology to monitor the goats in the region, using the GPS systems is nothing new to researchers. Now it is very common for people working on scientific projects in the field to collar animals with GPS tracking systems to monitor the places an animal will roam, inhabit and mate.

The tracking system equipped to each goat will transmit the animal’s location every 5 hours in real-time, and the GPS tracking data will be accessible to researchers online.

The cost for each tracking system was approximately $6000 per GPS tracking unit.

Source: Oregon Live