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GPS Tracking Helps Domestic Violence


Live GPS Tracker Alerts Police of Violence

Domestic violence is a growing problem in many places, understanding this real issue the Thames Valley Police Department has introduced a new technique that many believe will help the victims of domestic violence. The new technique involves a new technology involving GPS tracking systems.

What the Thames Valley Police Department did was team up with a GPS fleet tracking company that specialized in fleet management to give people in abusive relationships a way to quickly and secretly alert authorities if they are in trouble. The tiny GPS tracking system that the people in abusive relationships would carry in their purse or pocket came equipped with an alert button feature that would notify police if they were in a potentially dangerous situation. Police would receive that alert from the live GPS tracker and be able to provide assistance.

The GPS tracking project that will assist people who are in domestically violent relationships will begin with the introduction of five personal GPS trackers given to selected individuals across Buckinghamshire.

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What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can be classified as an individual in a relationship using a particular set of behaviors to control the other person in the relationship. The abuse can take form in partners who are or are not married, or gay and straight partners. Some behaviors a controlling partner may exhibit are:

  • Stopping their partner form visiting friends
  • Threatening to hurt themselves as a tactic to make their partner act in a desired way
  • Pushing, verbally abusing, or hitting their partner
  • Taking their partner’s money

Almost all victims of domestic violence feel helpless and hopeless. The Thames Valley Police Department is hoping that GPS tracking systems will give the victims an additional sense of security and protection.

GPS Tracking For Domestic Violence Offenders

The GPS tracking system plan is a fairly straightforward way to give people in domestic violent relationships some additional help. What authorities intend on doing is supplying people who are in violent or high-risk relationships with GPS trackers that can alert police if a person is in danger or need of assistance. The GPS tracking plan would be a simple 3 step process:

  1. Equip people in domestic violent or high-risk relationships with a GPS bracelet
  2. If the person feels threatened or in danger they can activate the alert feature on the GPS device
  3. Police will receive the GPS tracker alert and send assistance to the person potentially in a dangerous situation.

The Thames Valley Police Department stated that the GPS trackers will reduce the risk of confronting domestic violence victims and help them feel safer and live normal happy lives.

Police emphasized that the GPS tracking system program would only help those individuals who are seeking the assistance of the department. Many victims of domestic violence feel scared, worthless, and hopeless, and because so never make an attempt to get help. A police officer explained, “If they don’t come to us for help we cannot help them”.

If you or anyone you know maybe in a relationship where domestic violence is taking place please notify authorities immediately. The GPS tracking program is only one of many ways police and other agencies can help people in domestic violent relationships.

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