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GPS Tracking Helps Paris Attack Investigators

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GPS Offers Help In Paris Attacks

It saddens everyone at Tracking System Direct to have to create yet another article related to what appears to be a terrorist attack on innocent civilians. Although the facts are few and far between at this moment as French investigators continue to gather information, what is known is that explosions occurred in different areas of Paris, gunmen have taken hostages at a concert hall and upwards of 100 people at this time have been confirmed as fatalities. The situation in Paris, France is truly horrifying, especially as some believe the attacks were a coordinated effort among terrorists. Although the investigation will continue for months, one of the tools that have significant potential in assisting Paris police is GPS monitoring devices.

France State Of Emergency Terrorism

When a state of emergency has been called as it has in Paris one of the most important things law enforcement agencies require is coordination. The deputy mayor of Paris has already been on record saying that as many as 6 or 7 separate incidents all happened around the same time and appear to be highly coordinated. Now Paris law enforcement is scrambling to determine who the attackers are, why they targeted civilians, and if more attacks are on the horizon. GPS trackers are one of the tools that will be assisting Paris police because satellite technology will provide real-time locational updates on officers in the field. Data from the tracking systems can be used by fleet operation managers to help quickly route officers from one location to another and also determine what areas throughout Paris have been secured.

Locate A Vehicle In Paris

Real-time Global Positioning Systems send locational data of a vehicle to online servers in off-site places where the data can then be accessed by police officers. Since all the automobile tracking data is stored online the information can easily be viewed by anyone with a device that has an Internet connection. Not only can the live location of a vehicle be accessed anytime but historical driving activity is also saved for a future review! These GPS trackers with no monthly fees are routinely used by law enforcement today!

Everyone here at this Southern California technology company would like to send out our deepest condolences and prayers to the victims in Paris. Civilians simply living their lives shouldn’t be targets by extremists of any kind. Our hearts break for everyone impacted by this horrific event.