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GPS Tracking Helps Photographers

GPS Helps Wedding Photographers

Inner Song Photography Utilize GPS Tracking Devices

Photography was the spark that brought Justin Martens and Jessica Ray together when they first met in High School in the late 1990s. Meeting in the darkroom of photography class, Justin and Jessica had an instant connection, dating for many years and later marrying in 2008.

Being a young couple and understanding the heavy costs associated with wedding photography, Justin and Jessica had a vision. The vision was to offer people working on a budget the same quality and artistic imagery that a standard wedding photographer would offer but at a reasonable and affordable price. The vision turned into a reality when Inner Song Photography was born, and it did not take long before its services were sought out by people all over the Southern California region.

Wedding Photographers Use GPS Tracking

In approximately 6 months Justin and Jessica’s wedding photography business was already booming. ” We could have never anticipated the demand for our destination wedding photographer services in such a short time frame”, explained Justin Martens. The business was expanding and the demand was high for the services of Inner Song Photography as word spread quickly that there were creative and intelligent people who captured moments with aesthetic perfection and did so at a price any couple could afford. However, with that increase in business came an increase in driving, as Justin and Jessica found themselves driving from San Diego County to Los Angeles county photographing weddings. “We put easily 20,000 miles on our car in the first 5 months of business, and that is when we realized documenting mileage was a must”, said Jessica Martens. The solution came in the form of a vehicle tracking device called the GPS Tracking Key Pro.

GPS Tracking Key Pro Records Mileage

After doing some research online, Justin and Jessica decided that the tracking system that best fit their particular needs was the GPS Tracking Key Pro. Looking for a vehicle tracking device that could record for long periods of time and had no monthly fees was not easy, but they found everything they were looking for in the GPS Tracking Key Pro. “Documenting mileage driven for our business was important and the GPS Tracking Key Pro did everything we needed and more”, explained Justin Martens. The Martens even recommended the GPS tracking device to other wedding and personal photographers looking for an easy way to calculate and document mileage driven.

Inner Song Photography may not be a fortune 500 company or have fleet management issues to deal with yet, but they are utilizing GPS tracking technology to improve their operations by using a vehicle tracking device to make mileage documentation a whole lot easier.

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