GPS Tracking Helps School Budget


Implementation of GPS Tracking

Lightening The School Budget And Increasing Safety

EducationThe public school system in Indianapolis, Indiana is cutting over $800,000 from their budget under the category of busing. The decision eliminated 11 jobs and cut 15 other jobs from yearlong positions to school year only positions. This decision was made after an audit proved that the busing system was not efficient. The Indianapolis Public Schools found a way to streamline the busing system without cutting any routes or affecting the students in any way. Many public schools and other organizations around the country are finding themselves in need to cut costs, and transportation is one of the easiest categories. However, GPS tracking devices could help them to make even more budge cuts in this area.

Real time GPS tracking devices monitor the movements of vehicles on a digital map, showing the second by second location of the vehicle as well as its speed and direction of travel. An entire fleet of vehicles can be monitored by a single person in this way, which makes everything more efficient. These tracking devices cut down on paperwork that the drivers have to fill out, because the devices track the vehicles’ routes with perfect accuracy and precision.

GPS tracking devices can be used by the public school system to track all of their buses and streamline the routes. It is possible that they will discover a more efficient way to route all of the buses that would use less fuel and get the students to school even faster. These tracking devices would also point out a driver that is abusing the buses. The truck GPS tracker would show when drivers were idling more than they should, which wastes fuel. Wasted fuel is bad in three ways: it is expensive, it’s bad for the environment, and it increases dependence on foreign oil. If this was being monitored, the public school system could insure that drivers would not leave their buses running while waiting for students to load and unload.

GPS tracking devices could also make the buses safer for the students, by guaranteeing that they receive the regular maintenance that they need. And the public schools would also be able to see if a bus was going to be late for school. Knowing the exact location of every bus would help the school administrators run their schools to the best of their abilities.

Cracking down on bus drivers with GPS tracking devices would help the public school systems save even more money in their busing department, which would allow them extra funds to put towards educational programs and equipment for the students.