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The city of Anaheim is located in an area in Southern California known as the OC, or Orange County. Anaheim is one of the crown jewels of Orange County, bringing in tourism from all across the globe, and it is easy to see why with the city being home to Disneyland, the NHL Anaheim Ducks, and baseball’s Angels. With tourism playing such a vital role in the Anaheim economy, GPS tracking systems could be one way to improve security teams and the transportation industry in Orange County city.

When tourism is a cities’ bread and butter, security needs to be a top priority. This is because if people do not feel safe when on vacation they will not ever go on vacation to that same place again. The word of mouth will spread, and the tourism dollars will quickly stop flowing into the local economy. This is where GPS trackers can help tourist cities wanting to enhance security.

GPS tracking systems could help boost the security of both the amusement park industry and sporting facilities in Anaheim, resulting in increased safety for all guests and tourists. The GPS vehicle tracking systems would allow security officers to more effectively communicate with one another, thereby increasing the response time to any issues or situations that may be occurring. “GPS monitoring is no longer used solely by transportation companies, and is instead being used by numerous agencies and businesses for both surveillance and fleet tracking applications”, explained a personal GPS tracking expert for Tracking System Direct

From the transportation industry perspective, if GPS tracking systems outfitted taxicabs or public transportation buses, routing and dispatching vehicles to pickup tourists would be a piece of cake. People at a home base could view the data being sent out from the real-time car tracking systems and be able to route or reroute vehicles in the field to where there may be a greater need for their services. An example of this would be right after Angel’s baseball game or Anaheim Ducks game when thousands of fans begin to pour into the streets.

Vehicle tracking devices are continuing to show their importance and usefulness as more and more cities and businesses look to improve fleet management strategies. Anaheim would be just another city taking advantage of the monitoring technology.