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GPS Tracking In Cass County

Commissioners Move Forward With GPS Vehicle Tracking Plan

3dmapGPS tracking systems are the premiere solution when it comes to managing the vehicle activity of a large or small fleet. The devices can provide very detailed accounts of fuel consumption, improve safe driving habits, increase automotive security and much more. That is why municipalities, law enforcement agencies and cities all across the country have been investing in real-time GPS hardware, and the reason why Cass County Board Commissioners voted unanimously 5-0 to equip real-time trackers on county owned and operated vehicles.

After receiving formal requests from a number of different departments throughout the community, the Cass County Board of Commissioners decided to take a more in depth look at the feasibility and benefits of equipping GPS trackers upon numerous vehicles. After talking with numerous GPS vehicle tracking device manufacturers and wholesale distributors it was determined that it would cost roughly $15K to place GPS systems on approximately 60 county vehicles. The service costs for those real-time trackers would cost an additional $1,500 per month for data. The Cass County Board of Commissioners were able to see the benefits of using GPS trackers while keeping the cost low enough to be functional even during tight financial times and voted to move forward with the GPS fleet tracking initiative.

The plan to equip GPS tracking systems on county vehicles received support from a number of different departments throughout Cass County, including the Sheriff’s Department and County Roads Department.

With the real-time GPS systems installed on county vehicles fleets managers will have the ability to review vehicle diagnostics, route choices, historical driving records, driver speeds driven and more. Information Cass County Commissioner Dan Henry believes will help in employee evaluation, enhancement of automotive security and overall improvement of public safety. GPS tracking systems will offer another avenue to measure accountability and that is something that the people of Cass County are certainly in support of.

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