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Tracking Bracelets Offer Safety In Clay County

elderly manWith Alzheimer’s rates so high in Clay County, the Sheriff’s department has been using GPS tracking bracelets to keep track of those people with this disease. The bracelets are also given to people with dementia and autism. The bracelets are donated by Pilot Club in Clay County.

The program is quite simple. The high-risk senior is provided a monitoring bracelet that will provide family and local authorities real-time location updates of that senior. Once a month an officer even goes to a family’s home and replaces the battery in the elderly GPS tracker. That way battery-life is never an issue, as the last thing anyone would want is a senior to wander off then have their locator bracelet stop functioning because of low battery life. The officer also talks with the families and familiarizes himself with them. This personal approach to the problem provides trust and allows both parties to feel a sense of comfort with the visits.

Many families choose to put family members in facilities where they are taken care of by others who can manage people with the more severe symptoms of mental dysfunction. In some cases of Alzheimer’s disease, people can become very angry and might become abusive to others. So in these situations family members will usually have to have that person put in a nursing home or other facilities that address their problems. With other people who have Alzheimer’s , many families can manage their loved one. One of the many problems that family caregivers face is the afflicted person getting lost. That is why having a GPS monitoring bracelet can be so valuable to have. If a person gets lost the GPS personal tracker will be able to locate that person as quickly as possible. This can prevent injury or death of a person who has memory impairment.

Thoughts From The Writer

In my estimation the usage of a GPS monitoring bracelet for a family member with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autism, or any other severe mental impairment, is an invaluable tool to have. For those who are caregivers for impaired family members, this device can give the assurance that their loved will be found if lost. Keeping a family member who is afflicted at home is very appealing to many. So having a GPS bracelet provides a simple and reliable solution to the very serious and potentially problem of wandering. A big problem that can now be alleviated with the help of real-time technology.