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GPS Tracking In Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs GPS Tracking

Providing An Increase Of Public Service With GPS Tracking

Being the second most populated city in Colorado right behind Denver would cause some cities to feel inferior, but Colorado Springs embraces the distinction. Even though Colorado Springs may be less populated than the more widely recognized Denver, the city of Colorado Springs was voted by Money Magazine in 2006 as the number 1 “Best Big City” to live in. Unfortunately, that was nearly 4 years ago and since that time Colorado Springs has been one of the cities that has suffered substantially from the “Great Recession”. With the city making numerous cuts to many public services such as police and fire employees, many people were left with pink slips in their hands. Although Colorado Springs may be waiting for the economy to bounce back before it can once again provide the many public services it once had, GPS tracking systems may help pick up the slack in the interim. Let’s take a closer look at the top vehicle tracking devices used in Colorado Springs!

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Colorado Springs was so affected by the national recession that the city cumulated nearly $40 million in budget deficits in the fiscal year of 2010 alone. In an effort to combat the deficits, the city passed an initiative to raise property taxes and reduce police and fire services. Colorado Springs also stopped paving roads, made a reduction in waste removal services, eliminated weekend bus transportation, and told people they would need to care for the grass in public parks. Clearly, the city was making a knee-jerk reaction to try and quickly dig out of the financial hole they dug for themselves. However, GPS tracking system technology may have provided a more responsible solution.

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GPS fleet tracking systems create an easy way to ensure accountability. For example, if Colorado Springs were to outfit city buses with GPS trackers they would be able to see which buses people were rarely using and which ones many people were dependent upon. The Colorado Springs politicians could then make responsible cuts to services that were not being utilized. “With all states, including the great state of Colorado, facing serious strain from the economy, better management of city vehicles is one-way cities are trying to cut budget spending”, explained a personal GPS tracking expert at Tracking System Direct.

GPS tracking systems could also help improve the route and fleet management of the city street paving and trash removal services. By monitoring these city vehicles, Colorado Springs would be able to gauge if employees were slacking while on the clock, or not wasting time by taking bad routes. Instead of simply adopting a program that would be the catalyst for mass elimination of jobs the city could have effectively cut wasteful spending with the use of GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Colorado Springs will bounce back from the tough economic times and once again be vibrant as ever. The city still is a beautiful place nestled near the Rocky Mountains that has a low crime rate and warm people. With the city offering wonderful tourist activities such as fishing, hot air balloon rides, camping, hiking or rafting, it is easy to see why so many people love Colorado Springs!

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