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Detroit Could Benefit From GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking technology could be exactly what the automakers of Detroit, Michigan need to retake their rightful place as kings of the car in the automotive industry. After receiving a public relations black eye, begging Congress for a bailout after years of poor business decisions, the big three automakers need to make some changes to become relevant once again. Clearly, the automakers’ inability to successfully deal with unions has been one reason why the big three have ceased to be as competitive as foreign automakers such as Honda and Hyundai but that may all change if the brains in Detroit jump on one of the fastest-growing technologies related to the automotive industry, GPS vehicle tracking.

The automakers seem to constantly be finding themselves searching for ways to become profitable once again, but with the bailout controversy and breaking news about pensions being underfunded by billions of dollars, the big three need to do more than improve fuel economy standards. In years past, the big three in the motor city were always on the cutting edge of innovation, bringing unique features to the American automobile. These designs would later be copied by automakers all across the globe. Now, the marketing and sales auto-insiders in Detroit need to realize what most of the consumer early adopters already know, that tracking devices on vehicles can be very advantageous.

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One of the few markets that have been successful during the recession has been the GPS monitoring and tracking industry. The reason is because of the increased demand for vehicle tracking technology by businesses and consumers. As the competitive marketplace has brought down the cost of almost all GPS devices, there has never been a better time for the Detroit automakers to embrace GPS tracking system technology.

At some point in time, all automobiles will be equipped with not only navigation devices but car tracking GPS systems as well. The car of the future will tell the driver how to get home and also tell the driver everywhere the vehicle has been recording historical driving records. This historical GPS tracking data can help parents know if their teenager was speeding, or employers know if employees were actually working while on the clock.

Implementing a program to add navigation and GPS tracking devices into the new line of vehicles, as well as increasing fuel economy standards are two things necessary for Detroit to regain the auto market.

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