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GPS Trackers In Dutchess County

The Fight Against Domestic Abuse

A little over a month ago, Republicans in Dutchess County faced widespread criticism over the way they axed potential legislation that would have required those found guilty of domestic abuse to undergo satellite monitoring in the same way those who have a history of sexual misconduct with children are forced to wear GPS tracking systems in the form of anklets. What infuriated most people in the community was that the politicians did not even discuss and debate the issue, with one politician even insinuating that the community did not have a problem with domestic violence. After the non-partisan issue of personal safety and domestic abuse became center stage and created a local controversy, a recent news report was released stating that the local government reconsidered the measure and will now be testing 10 units from a company who specializes in GPS tracker technology for a program to monitor those convicted of domestic violence.

The GPS units, which are very similar to the sophisticated satellite GPS trackers used for fleet management by big businesses, will be used by both the person convicted of domestic violence and the victim. This will provide law enforcement agencies the ability to see if an offender is anywhere in proximity to the victim, and a way for police to quickly locate a victim in real-time if that person is in trouble.

“Real-time GPS tracking technology can offer so many benefits from improving teen driving, boosting employee productivity and monitoring criminal activity that it is easy to see why the live tracking market is only continuing to expand”, explained a vehicle tracking expert for Tracking System Direct. “From reducing fuel consumption to enhancing personal safety, the applications for real-time monitoring seem almost endless, and that is why our next generation of the live monitoring solution, the SilverCloud GPS, has been so successful. I am confident that the people of Dutchess County will also see GPS as a true asset.”

The police monitoring the GPS data will use a geo-fence feature to set-up an exclusion zone that will immediately alert the police and the victim if the person who was convicted of domestic abuse is near the victim. The geo-fence can be modified by the user to be as small as a parking lot or as big as the country and anywhere in between.

The geofence alert is sent to the victim’s personal cell phone and email address.

Domestic abuse has become a very serious issue for the people living in Dutchess Country as there have been four domestic abuse-related homicides in less than a year in the community. Through the implementation of a GPS monitoring plan, officials are hoping to provide assurance for victims that they are safe, and that the good guys are watching out for them.