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If you suspect your partner might be having an affair with another man or woman it is important to find out the truth as soon as possible. But what is the best way to catch someone cheating if you live near Ferguson, Missouri? The answer comes in surveillance tools such as hidden voice recorders or GPS vehicle trackers. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular tool used to catch cheaters, a hidden GPS tracking device, and learn how it can help you discover what is really going on!


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Missouri Grand Jury Verdict Could Spark Unrest

When a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri stopped two teenagers walking in the middle of the street no one could have imagined the events that would happen next and how they would shake public opinion. Although the events are not concrete and have many shades of ambiguity, what is believed to occurred was that one of the teens who was fresh off of a store robbery violently attacked the responding police officer. Seconds after that assault on the police officer gunshots were fired and a young black teenager by the name of Michael Brown lay dead in the street. The Ferguson story has resulted in the surfacing of tensions between the black community and a predominately white law enforcement in the region and the outcome has been protests and rioting. Although tensions have simmered down as time has passed, a Grand Jury verdict on whether or not the officer involved in the case, Darren Wilson, should be convicted of a crime could spark more violence and unrest. This is why just ahead of the Grand Jury ruling the National Guard has been called and in all likelihood call upon the use of GPS tracking systems to assist in keeping the peace.

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Police enforcement commonly uses technology to assist them in both fighting crime and keeping the peace. Many of these tools such as bulletproof vests, weaponry, and spy cameras are familiar to citizens but what many people may not know is that GPS vehicle tracking systems are also frequently used by the men in blue. Real-time GPS monitoring can be utilized in two different fashions among police: internal fleet tracking of squad cars and as a mechanism to oversee the activity of vehicles operated by known felons.

GPS devices are helpful for fleet tracking because it allows operations managers the ability to see where every vehicle in their fleet is located. This helps reduce arrival times for police, getting them to the scene of a crime in the shortest time possible which in many cases can be life-saving. Vehicle management of squad cars is a fantastic use of GPS satellite technology but another way that GPS tracker systems are providing assistance to police is through vehicle surveillance. This is because when a passive or live GPS is equipped on the vehicle of a felon, suspected criminal, or other possible threat, police can see exactly what that individual is doing. This can give police a leg up on criminal activity which is vital in areas where bad things can occur such as the situation brewing in Ferguson, Missouri.

Racial Tensions In Missouri

When a white police officer shoots a black teen it’s going to make news headlines due to the sensationalism caused by racial overtones. Throw in the mix poverty and reduced education and the end result is a volatile situation that certainly can drive up ratings as well as civil unrest. The reality is nobody knows all the details of what happened between a decorated police offer in Darren Wilson and the teenager who was sadly gunned down. However, that has not stopped people from making outrageous assumptions, vilifying a police officer, and of course destroying a community with senseless rioting. When the Grand Jury evaluates all the facts in the case and releases their statement on any potential punishment for Darren Wilson it’s going to be a big deal. People will be upset one way or another and that has resulted in the National Guard being called into Ferguson. Hopefully, with the assistance of technological tools such as GPS tracking systems, manpower in the National Guard, and of course some civility by the people of Ferguson the whole situation can conclude peacefully, regardless of which way the Grand Jury decides in the coming hours/days.

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