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paintOver the past decade, businesses everywhere have been investing in GPS tracking system technology to monitor personal and business assets. These assets range from company vehicles, personnel, equipment and more. What makes the live monitoring tracking technology advantageous is that it can help any business large or small keep an eye on entire fleets of vehicles (GPS fleet tracking), expensive company equipment and more. This is why one small company near Grant’s Pass, Oregon decided to invest in GPS.

Smooth Finishes LLC is a company based near Grant’s Pass in a city called Merlin. Smooth Finishes specializes in paint supplies for automobiles and a variety of other applications that require quality paint. A small business located in a small town, Smooth Finishes has been able to reach the pinnacle of the paint industry in southern Oregon because of their knack to pay attention to details, offer the most unique styles and colors of paint and always cater to the needs of the customer. However, when equipment started disappearing from the Smooth Finishes corporate warehouse, the company decided to invest in a few GPS trackers to increase security and protect business assets. “We decided that we could no longer afford to have equipment go missing because a) it was affecting our bottom line, and b) reacquiring the very unique equipment was difficult and often took weeks”, explained a salesperson working for Smooth Finishes.

Smooth Finishes is not a company that has a need to monitor hundreds of employees or have a sophisticated fleet management plan, but they do have a need to keep their equipment and paint supplies protected. “It’s not so much about the revenue that we lose from equipment going missing as much as it is about the time and energy required to recover or repurchase the items. Time is our most precious asset, and if we are busy filing police reports, reordering equipment and waiting for stuff to arrive, it reduces our ability to completely satisfy the customer’s needs”, explained a representative for Smooth Finishes.

Once the GPS monitoring plan was put in place by Smooth Finishes, equipment stopped disappearing and the company began having more time to focus on the most important thing, the customer’s needs.

How could GPS vehicle tracking and GPS monitoring help your business?