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When most people probably think of major metropolitan cities they most likely never suggest Green Bay, Wisconsin. Although Green Bay may only be home to a little over 100,000 people, that has not stopped the little city from gaining nationwide attention. Home to the NFL franchise Packers, the only community-owned football team, Green Bay is constantly able to make headlines despite its small size and population. However, the recent headlines in Wisconsin regarding the use of GPS tracking technology have also put the spotlight on the Midwestern city, resulting in many people in Green Bay discussing the benefits of vehicle tracking and monitoring devices.

Wisconsin made headlines roughly a year ago for a State Supreme Court ruling that basically stated police could use GPS trackers to monitor potentially illegal activity without first acquiring a warrant. What made this ruling controversial was that a) it raised questions about privacy rights, and b) went against the New York State Supreme Court ruling that stated police did have to first gather a warrant before using GPS tracking technology. However, it is important to note that in both cases the judges were very evenly divided on which way to rule on the cases.

Once the Wisconsin GPS ruling made headlines, businesses throughout Wisconsin, including Green Bay, began thinking about how vehicle management technology and car tracking could help enhance business operations. Cheeseheads in Green Bay began recognizing that real-time tracking technology could eliminate excessive car idling, improve driver route management, provide a cost-effective auto-theft recovery solution, and more. Although most Green Bay natives spend most of their time dreaming about Sundays at Lambeau Field, they are still business-wise people who can see and understand the many benefits GPS tracking technology can offer.

The city of Green Bay can also utilize GPS trackers to conduct surveillance operations on potential drug traffickers, animal poachers, and more. Not to mention, with the number one form of transportation in Green Bay being personal motor vehicles, consumers could utilize vehicle management technology to discover whether a teen is driving safe, or simply as a way to summarize tax-deductible driving mileage.

Green Bay citizens will always put their beloved Packers first, but when they are not having a couple of beers and watching the Packers play, they are looking at ways to improve business efficiency and personal safety.

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