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GPS Tracking In Houston

GPS Trackers In Houston, Texas

Food Truck Business Breaks Marketing Mold With GPS Tracking

The era of greasy fast food that lacks freshness and quality is looking more and more like it could soon be a thing of the past. The reason why so many food lovers and lunchtime workers are staying away from fast food drive-thrus is because of the increase in unique cuisine being offered by mobile food trucks. Originating from the greater Los Angeles area, food truck businesses have sparked up in many metropolitan cities from New York, Chicago, and now Houston, offering great fresh food at reasonable prices. One Houston-based food truck company that specializes in cultural cuisine native to the local area has taken the concept behind food trucks and pushed it to the next level, making it even easier for hungry customers to locate their favorite Vietnamese, Mexican, and Korean delicacies offered from Houston-based The Rolling Hunger.


The Rolling Hunger is a locally owned and operated business in the Houston area that focuses on the best culinary aspects of some of the common ethnic cultures inside the Texas city. Offering Vietnamese-style egg rolls, fusion quesadillas, gourmet short ribs, fish burgers, tostadas, truffle fries, and Korean tacos seasoned to perfection with your choice of meat (pork, chicken, or beef), The Rolling Hunger has created a huge buzz throughout Houston and surrounding areas.

“Our goal is to offer unique menu items that emphasize flavor and the different cultural tastes that make Houston one of the hidden culinary gems in the nation”, explained an employee for The Rolling Hunger. “Food is one of the very few commonalities that bring us all together, and that is why we want to supply everyone the type of gourmet, fresh food that provides enjoyment and pleasure.” With numerous local reviews describing The Rolling Hunger food being, “Savory and flavorful”, there is no telling how long it will be before more of the orange food trucks decorate the local Houston roadways.

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One of the very cool and unique things about food truck businesses is that they are literally mobile restaurants constantly traveling from location to location. Although this business model creates a lot of flexibility in terms of finding the ideal location(s), it can also make it a challenge for the customer to find exactly where a food truck is at any given time. Looking to break away from the Facebook and Twitter social media model that has been used as the primary method of communication between food truck companies and customers, The Rolling Hunger has begun using real-time GPS tracking technology that allows customers to pinpoint exactly where a food truck is located at any given time!

How the vehicle tracking marketing strategy works is very simple. The Rolling Hunger has created a page on their website titled “Find Us“, and by clicking on that tab in the navigation customers can access a live satellite mapping program that shows in real-time where company food trucks are and everywhere they have been! No longer do customers need to stand around and wait for social media updates or tweets to find out when a food truck will be coming by, or if it has already come by. By simply visiting the company website, customers can quickly locate where The Rolling Hunger trucks are stationed.

Real-time location data can also be accessed by mobile phone.

Through the use of business tracking solutions such as the SilverCloud GPS that will make it even easier for customers to find quality, fresh, gourmet cuisine in their local area, food truck companies such as The Rolling Hunger will likely only continue to grow in popularity by those seeking haven from the greasy, overly processed fast food that dominates our lunchtime with flavorless, fattening food.

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