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Public safety is a major concern for officials and politicians in every metropolitan city, but over the past decade it has become a top priority of the governing bodies of the largest city in Missouri, Kansas City. Criminal activity in the Midwest city of Kansas City has roots dating back to the American Civil War when bandits such as Jesse James turned into folk heroes, and all the way through the era of organized crime. Although the days of cowboys robbing trains and organized crime controlling bootlegging during the prohibition era are a thing of the past for Kansas City, a new wave of crime stemming from the inner cities has resulted in the city being left with a dubious distinction as one of the top 10 cities with highest murder rate in the nation with at least 400,000 residents. Crime has gotten out of control in Kansas City, but police agencies and everyday families are fighting back with the help of a technological gadget known as the GPS tracker.

GPS Tracking For Consumers:

Most GPS applications for consumers are in the form of safety with teen tracking and elderly tracking leading the way. However, monitoring a potentially unsafe or reckless driver via real-time GPS units is not the only way satellite tracking can provide consumers a way to enhance personal safety. Grand theft auto is a real concern for those living in Kansas City as the problem is over two times worse in the Missouri city than the national average. However, car owners in Kansas City are fighting back against the troubling statistics through the use of real-time monitoring devices such as the SilverCloud tracker.

How the SilverCloud GPS tracker and other live tracking solutions work is that they allow car owners to have unlimited continuous remote access to their vehicles. When the GPS tracker is attached to the consumer’s vehicle it allows the user to have access to the location data via cellular phone or personal computer 24/7. The GPS tracking system itself even has the rare ability to communicate with the user, transmitting an alert through text message and email if the vehicle is moved without authorization. Government agencies who keep statistics on criminal activity have even attributed the increase usage of GPS tracking devices to the recent national increase in auto-theft security and decline automobile theft numbers.

Police GPS

Kansas City Police enforcement agencies are the groups who can benefit most from the use of covert security products, and is part of the reason there has been a significant spike in the use of vehicle management technologies by government and police authorities. In the 2010 edition of “The Most Dangerous Cities” by Forbes magazine, Kansas City was rated number #3 on the list. However, through the use of sophisticated surveillance and GPS monitoring technology authorities are hoping to reduce inner city crime and clean up the crime-ridden city. “GPS is an excellent tool for police agencies because it can allow local police agents to get valuable data regarding gang activity and gang members without putting uniformed officers in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the inner cities where murder and other criminal activity are so prevalent”, explained a Tracking System Direct representative who deals with government and police sales. Police officers can quickly attach a car tracker to a gang member’s vehicle because the device’s are so compact in size and are fashioned with exterior magnetic mounts for easy placement.

Kansas City is a great place where passion for sporting franchises such as the Kansas City Royals runs deep in the hearts of many of the citizens, but like any major city, Kansas City has its rough side. Hopefully, the city will regain significant control in the inner cities and other parts of town where increased criminal activity is common. When that eventually happens you can bet GPS tracking played some substantial role in the progress.