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Live GPS Tracking

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When most people think of the oasis in the desert known as Lake Havasu they usually think of Spring Break, Memorial Day weekend parties, and some of the sweetest speedboats and recreational watercraft. This is because when people in Southern California and throughout Arizona want to relax for a holiday weekend they choose Lake Havasu as their destination to bring family, friends, and their watercraft. Havasu may hold a reputation of being a city where women get drunk and take off their tops, and college frat guys who are majoring in beer pong hoot and holler at the drunk women (who are usually a 4:1 minority to the men), but what Havasu is really about is boating. With thousands of boats docking and launching all throughout Havasu on any given day during a holiday weekend, safeguarding personal watercraft is a very serious concern for those who invested tens of thousands of dollars in their boats. In an effort to better protect their mobile assets, many boat owners in or visiting Havasu are now equipping their watercraft with real-time tracking devices such as the Everlast GPS.

GPS tracking systems have long been the go-to tool for companies looking to boost fleet management strategies and improve auto-theft protection, but now many boat enthusiasts are utilizing the monitoring technology to protect their watercraft. This is because when a GPS tracker is equipped to a boat the owner has the ability to access the location of their water vessel, know how fast the boat has been traveling, and view historical records of where the boat has been. The data from the vehicle tracking system allows a boat owner to easily track down their water vessel if it were ever stolen, and at the same time allow them to know how their watercraft is being treated if, for example, they let a friend take the boat out for a weekend. Another great feature offered by live tracking units such as the Everlast GPS is the ability to alert the boat owner if their boat is excessively speeding, or leaves the dock without authorization. All notification is transmitted from the GPS tracker to the boat owner via email and/or SMS message to cellular phone.

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Next time you go to Havasu be sure to take in many of the wonderful sites such as London Bridge, the Sand Bar, and Copper Canyon, but you may not want to take a friend’s boat out for a joyride because there could be a possibility that the person has a personal tracking system hard-wired to his water vessel. That means you will get busted!

People interested in learning more about how a live real-time GPS tracker can help them safeguard their watercraft or recreational vehicles can contact Tracking System Direct to gain more information.

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