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Truck GPS TrackerHow GPS Trackers Are Changing Napa Valley

When people take a vacation to the beautiful region of Napa Valley in Northern California they are usually interested in taking at least a single tour to one of the many famous wineries in the region. This is because Napa Valley is synonymous with great wine and vineyards.

The most popular way in which people tour the wineries is by limousine. This is because it is easy to transport a medium or large number of friends or family members via limo, and the luxury style of traveling also allows people to enjoy a full day of drinking and wine tasting without ever drinking and driving. Bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and more are all common groups of people who take a limo tour to hop from winery to winery in search of the perfect blend. With limo businesses and transportation being in such high demand throughout the Napa Valley region, businesses that cater to the tourism industry are always looking for the most effective ways to enhance operational efficiency and the customer experience. One way that limo companies in Napa Valley are doing this is through the use of GPS tracking systems.

GPS Helps Napa Valley Limo Companies During Wedding Season

When a company has numerous mobile assets operating in the field it is an arduous task trying to oversee and manage employees. GPS vehicle tracking technology removes the element of driving activity mystery by allowing limo businesses working in Napa Valley to easily locate where every limo is in the field, everywhere that limo has been, and more. Limo companies are usually working overtime during wedding season in Napa to shuttle grooms, brides, and entire wedding parties from location to location. With the help of vehicle tracking devices, limo companies can not only improve fleet management by enhancing employee accountability but the data can also be used to discover which wineries tend to be the most popular among tourists according to arrival/departure information. This makes it easy to know if a driver is at Churchhill Manor or Beaulieu Gardens

“We have seen many businesses involved in the transportation industry utilize live tracking systems such as the SpaceHawk for a variety of applications, and that diversity is what makes the technology so great and advantageous among limo companies in popular tourist areas such as Napa Valley”, explained a business tracking expert for Tracking System Direct.

GPS Public Tracking Interface Enhances Tourist Experience

GPS trackers can boost business operations by improving vehicle management, employee accountability, and adding a level of auto-theft security, but the same technology can also be used to enhance the customer experience of those visiting Napa Valley. Through the use of a public tracking interface (PTI), friends and family members have the ability to locate where the exact position is of their limo over a satellite image program such as Google Earth. This public GPS data can be accessed online or via smartphone with Internet capabilities, allowing friends and family members at home to follow the journey of those visiting Napa Valley. “The public tracking interface is an excellent way to keep family members and friends at home connected with those on vacation”, explained the business tracking expert. “It truly is a wonderful and unique tool.”

The core of what makes Napa Valley so special is the beautiful landscape and extraordinary blends of wine that can provide an overwhelming sensation of relaxation to even the most stressed-out individual, and it is through the assistance of GPS tracking technology that Napa businesses can continue to provide that wonderful experience.