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When most people think of the places in Arizona where things are happening they think of the region that includes the cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Although most golfers are already pretty familiar with Scottsdale, and sports fans know that Phoenix is home to the NBA Suns and NFL Cardinals, Tempe has carved out a reputation as a kick-back college town. Home to Arizona State University, Tempe is a growing city of nearly 200,000 people, but although the college town may draw a younger crowd, the city is also a growing economic force. With large businesses such as Insight Enterprises and US Airways now basing their corporate headquarters in Tempe, it is clear that the city in Arizona will only continue to rise and prosper economically. With the increased attraction by companies, it will not be long before both small scale and large business enterprises in Tempe will begin investing in technological solutions to improve efficiency and productivity, and the tool that they will turn to will likely be GPS tracking.

GPS trackers have quickly transformed into business luxury to business necessity as rising fuel costs and overhead are making it difficult for small and large businesses to turn a substantial profit in the midst of a dragging economy. Gas prices have been skyrocketing with the ongoing problems in the Middle East along with the decreasing value of the US dollar, resulting in more and more companies needing to monitor and evaluate fleet management activity of personnel utilizing company mobile assets. By turning to vehicle tracking technology, companies inside Tempe can bring to light where an employee goes, how long they were at that location(s), and an assortment of travel activity data that can be accessed in a detailed reporting format. Even a small-scale business with one or two company drivers can save tens of thousands of dollars annually by using GPS fleet trackers such as the SilverCloud GPS (real-time) and/or Driving Activity Reporter (passive).

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With big college football bowl games, a strong local economy, and more efficient vehicle management strategies aided by GPS tracking solutions, Tempe will continue to thrive and prosper. Businesses or consumers in the Tempe region interested in learning more about vehicle tracking solutions can contact Tracking System Direct anytime to get more information on the latest GPS gear the industry has to offer, and how car tracking devices can improve your business.

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