GPS Tracking Invades NASCAR

Cory Joyce Racer

Real-Time Tracker Sponsorship

coryjoyce_01Last year, the editors working at Tracking System Direct released a story about a young driver involved in automotive racing who was utilizing real-time tracker technology to both gauge his performance on the racetrack, and improve his speed time. The story discussed how many race car drivers are now turning to technological devices to provide analysis of racing activity, and how one day in the very foreseeable future drivers everywhere would call upon GPS vehicle tracking systems. The story focused on a race car driver by the name of Cory Joyce, and the fleet tracking experts at Tracking System Direct are proud to announce that the young man is now sponsored by the company that manufacturers the real-time trackers used in his race cars!

When Joyce was in search of a tracker device that would accurately record detailed activity related to his performances on the race track, his team naturally invested in the most powerful GPS tracking solution on the market: SilverCloud GPS. The real-time tracker device Joyce used was programmed to update every 3-seconds, which is significantly faster than the 10-second refresh rates offered by most GPS monitoring device companies. The quick refresh rates allowed the Joyce racing team to determine where the young driver was driving slow, and what areas on the track he could improve his performance. Information that could be the difference between him winning a race, placing in the top 10 or finishing at the back of the pack.

“When our GPS business tracking specialists discovered the unique application that the popular real-time tracker was being used for, they felt compelled to share the story with the Tracking System Direct audience”, explained a writer for the Southern California GPS vehicle management company.

A few months after the story was released, Joyce was in the process of obtaining new sponsors for his racing team. Knowing the talent of the young driver, his dedication to automotive racing and personal experience using the SilverCloud tracker; conversations began about a sponsorship deal with Joyce racing and the manufacturer of the real-time tracker solution. Today, Joyce now has his race car painted in the black, gray and purple colors that are symbolic of the brand behind the real-time tracker. He also has he racing suit decked out in the same fashion.

Everyone at Tracking System Direct would like to congratulate Joyce and his team on the new sponsorship deal, and wish him many checkered flags in the future!