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GPS Tracking Jaguars

GPS Tracker Recorded Last Jaguar In Arizona

Federal Agents Suspect Wrong Doing

The last known surviving jaguar to be living in Arizona was euthanized after veterinarians discovered the animal had severe irreversible kidney failure. However, according to a recently released report by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office, the majestic creature named Macho B may have suffered from serious health problems because of the actions of a Dept. of Fish and Game employee.

According to the official report, the Feds believe a Department of Fish and Game employee and another individual intentionally trapped the jaguar, violating the Endangered Species Act. When Arizona officials released a statement in early February that they accidentally trapped a jaguar while conducting an experiment on local bears and mountain lions near the Tucson area some people were suspicious. The captured jaguar was equipped with a GPS tracking unit and then released back into the wild. However, after 6 weeks of reviewing the GPS tracking data logger data transmitted from the tracking system, the Dept. of Fish and Game officials recaptured Macho B and determined the animal had an irreversible and fatal condition.

Believing that the initial capture of Macho B may have been illegal, a U.S. Attorney prosecutor has been put on the case to evaluate all the evidence surrounding the circumstances of the situation to determine whether or not a crime was committed.

***GPS tracking systems are used by government agencies protecting wildlife on a daily basis. The tracking systems are used for a variety of research purposes and provide scientists with a wealth of valuable information. The GPS tracking system Macho B was wearing transmitted the animal’s position in real-time, allowing researchers to find his position at any time.

If the Dept. of Fish and Game is found to be at fault for the death of Macho B should they be penalized or punished?

Should officials have removed the GPS tracking system and let the jaguar live its last days in the wild?

Source AZ Central

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