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Could GPS Tracking Have Saved James Dean?

GPS Trackers Used To Stop Speeding

James_DeanJames Dean is still one of the most idolized actors today even though the cultural icon passed away over 60 years ago. His image, and the roles he played in featured films such as Rebel Without a Cause symbolize and embody youthful energy that can still be felt by new generations of young adults today. As gifted and talented as Dean was, sadly he passed away from a motor vehicle accident in 1955 at the age 24, leaving millions of fans heart-broken and questioning why the accident had to happen to someone so young.

The circumstances and specifics surrounding the young actor’s death have been debated, but their is no doubt that poor driving played a role in the accident. Although the accident occurred in the 1950s, way before vehicle tracking and GPS technology was created, some people wonder if a GPS tracking system could have prevented the accident.

The Life Of James Dean

Dean, who was originally from Indiana, moved west with his family to Santa Monica at a young age. He would later go on to study drama at the nearby UCLA college. After seeing that his purpose in life was acting, Dean dropped out of college and began pursuing his passion full-time, starring in such movies as Giant, East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause. Dean, who had a love for cars and racing, met his death when he was heading west bound on U.S. Route 466 when the Porsche he was driving was hit by a Ford custom Tudor Coupe. Many people believe the Porsche that Dean was driving was cursed.

Deans last words were, “That guys gotta stop”.

GPS Tracking And Driving

GPS trackers have the ability to shape driving behaviors by providing users access to speeds driven and other driving-related information. With the 18-25 year old age group being involved in most car accidents, many parents and employers tend to equip people in that age group’s automobiles with GPS vehicle trackers. GPS tracking systems can help prevent accidents by allowing parents or employers to intervene if they see unsafe driving habits developing.

GPS tracking devices provide an easy way for adults to mold the driving behaviors of teenage drivers.