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GPS Tracking Juvenile Criminals

GPS Tracker For Juvenile Offenders

In an effort to improve internal management, fleet management, and overall security, Australia has decided to outfit transport vans that shuttle juvenile offenders from detention centers to the courtroom with GPS tracking systems. Supervisors will be able to monitor the movements of transport vans live in real-time with the GPS tracking technology, and if they notice any suspicious activity or abnormal routes being taken they can quickly and easily alleviate the situation by alerting the police. With many juveniles aged 10-16 having a fear of prison, many will make attempts to escape during transitional periods, making it important for authorities to have good communication with each other throughout the entire transit process.

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GPS tracking systems are being utilized more frequently among law enforcement and companies with mobile assets as a way to document mileage driven, better organize fleet management and increase employee accountability.

By monitoring the transport vans that shuttle young juvenile offenders with GPS vehicle trackers the state is showing the community that even though these young men and women may have made mistakes that their safety and security are still important.

Law enforcement’s use of police GPS trackers is now spreading from surveillance to fleet management.