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Researchers from the Department of Territory and Municipal Services are at the half waypoint of a two-year project monitoring the movements and activities of eastern grey kangaroos using GPS tracking system technology. The GPS tracking systems were attached to local male and female kangaroos as a way for researchers to understand how large of an area the kangaroos inhabited to hopefully reduce the number of motor vehicle collisions with the kangaroos.

GPS tracking systems can accurately record time, date, location, and speed using satellite technology.

Eastern grey kangaroos inhabit the eastern and southern regions of Australia and usually weigh around the 150 pound mark. Standing around 6 feet tall, the eastern grey kangaroos can easily be identified by their distinctive grey coat and normally reside in moist and fertile environments.

After reviewing the recorded data from the GPS tracker, researchers discovered that the female kangaroos typically stay in an area of approximately half a square kilometer. The tracking device data also showed that the male kangaroos stayed in area approximately three-square kilometers.

Don Fletcher, a senior ecologist, believes the GPS tracking system data should result in a reduced number of wildlife road accidents, as the GPS tracking data will aid road engineers when development and building is done in areas inhabited by the kangaroos. Without the information provided from the GPS trackers researchers would probably never been able to accurately determine the habitual and living patterns of the kangaroos.

When asked about the GPS tracking systems, Fletcher explained that the GPS tracking devices provided spectacular data, and lots of it. Fletcher stated that the kangaroos patterns were very interesting and that the information would have never been gathered if it were not for the trackers.