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Viewing Your GPS Driving Activity

One of the best moments GPS Tracking Key users experience is when they first see recorded tracking data displayed over a satellite image or driving activity report. The user is able to get a clear visual and text description of the driving activity, allowing them to gain the knowledge they seek in a concise and organized format. Before users can view this tracking data they most first download the stored information from the GPS tracking system to the computer. With many people getting confused about the downloading process, the GPS vehicle tracking experts decided to explain the process for anyone who may have questions regarding this simple procedure.

GPS tracking systems that are small, portable and cost-effective have been in great demand over the past few years among small businesses and parents wanting to monitor a teen’s driving habits. This is why tracking devices such as the GPS Tracking Key have become so popular. Once the user places the Tracking Key onto, into or under a vehicle, the tracking system will begin to record data as soon as the automobile moves. When the user decides it is time to review everywhere that vehicle had been, they take the GPS system off the vehicle and have to download the data.

Unlike real-time devices such as the SilverCloud GPS that allow users to view data online, or passive loggers that have clumsy and long download cables, the GPS Tracking Key was designed with a USB drive that makes the download process a piece of cake. The user only needs to remove the protective USB cap from the car tracker and then insert the tracking device into the USB port of a computer. However, the user must first insert and download the past-track software that allows the data to be imposed over Google Earth and other methods of viewing.

Once the USB drive from the GPS Tracking Key is inserted into the user’s personal computer they can then begin the downloading process. An easy-to-understand instruction guide comes with every GPS Tracking Key to give the user a road map of how to download and view data in detail. What is even more impressive is that the product is supported so well that users with additional questions can call a technical support representative Monday-Friday who can provide real-life solutions at no cost.

The car tracking solution currently is not compatible with Mac Operating Systems and Apple tablets such as the iPad.

“Even five years after the debut of the GPS Tracking Key, we continue to see a tremendous amount of users praise the device for its simplicity and reliability”, explained a fleet tracking expert for Tracking System Direct. “There really is no secret to why the tracker has had so much prolonged success; it is affordable, accurate and easy-to-use.”

With a simple downloading process and free support, it is easy to see why this personal GPS tracker is in such high demand.