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One of the most used surveillance tools among police agencies and private investigation teams over the past decade has been a GPS tracker with no monthly fees known simply as GPS Tracking Key. There are a number of reasons why the GPS car tracking solution is tailored perfectly for law enforcement applications, and these reasons include:

  1. Compact Size That Provides Low Visibility
  2. External Rare Earth Magnet Attachment Allowing For Quick Installation Upon A Target Vehicle
  3. Continuous Unlimited Data Recording Every Single Second
  4. Water-Resistant Housing To Provide Protection From Outdoor Elements

GPS Tracking Key has been instrumental in helping the good guys conduct intelligence gathering that is detailed and accurate, and that is why it is no surprise that the micro GPS car tracking unit was recently featured on a television show on the USA Network about intelligence spies working for the government called “Burn Notice“.

Television Dramatic Series: Burn Notice

Burn Notice is a television show that focuses on a character named Michael Weston, an ex-convict operative that worked for the United States government, who finds himself back in his hometown of Miami after a mission set in Nigeria falls apart. Essentially, the name of the television series refers to operatives who become seen by the government as potentially unreliable or harmful. In order to ensure national safety, the government “burns” these potentially rogue agents by terminating their espionage service, freezing monetary assets and more, resulting in the ex-agent being left with no access to cash or influence of any kind. After being burned, the main character, Weston, becomes involved in many small-time investigation jobs and projects as he searches for clues and insight on why he was burned, and who was the person who authorized the burn.

When it comes to covertly gathering data and engaging in automotive surveillance through the use of security products, no technology is better than the vehicle tracking systems designed to monitor everything a driver is up to, and the GPS Tracking Key is one of the highest professional grade trackers on the market!

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