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GPS Tracking Key User Tips

tracking-key-packagingThe most successful selling passive device of all-time is a product that was engineered by the brains at LandAirSea Systems called the GPS Tracking Key. What made the product so successful when it was launched was a number of factors that included compact size, ease of use, affordable cost and the exterior magnetic mount that was designed on the system that provided the user the ability to place the device on the outside of a target vehicle. Years after the debut of the system, the Tracking Key continues to be a popular monitoring solution for parents in need of a teen tracking system, lovers interested in spousal tracking and companies interested in learning whether or not an employee is taking advantage of the company (business tracking). All of the mentioned potential users of the product found that the exterior magnetic mount on the passive system was one of the most advantageous features, but some people occasionally noted that the magnet would sometimes get yanked off the device, staying attached to the target vehicle when trying to remove the car tracker from the target vehicle. In an effort to help users get the most out of their GPS monitoring solutions, Tracking System Direct has chosen to offer a couple tips on how to better care for their GPS Tracking Key

Before the creation of this product, the fleet tracking market was dominated by bulky GPS devices that usually were accompanied by cumbersome external antennas. The user had no way to quickly and covertly attach the GPS unit to a vehicle because permanent hard-wire installation was the only option. The development of a powerful internal antenna that allowed for a more compact design, and exterior magnetic mount for easy outside placement were revolutionary ideas that made the Tracking Key so impressive. Although the external magnetic mount was fastened to the water-resistant housing of the passive tracker with four screws, on some rare occasions some users who connected the device to the outside frame of a vehicle would pull so hard on the device when it was connected to the target vehicle’s frame that they would literally rip the magnetic mount from the device! Although some people might view this as a manufacturing defect, it would be actually be considered a user error.

Properly Using The Magnetic Mount

When most people were kids they often times played with magnets. What was learned through that experience was that no matter how hard a person tries to pull on a magnet that is connected to a piece of metal, that magnet will not lose its grip. The only way to successfully make the magnet disconnect was to slide the magnet from the metal object. This same logic must also apply to disconnecting a GPS Tracking Key that is magnetically attached to a vehicle.

When a GPS is attached to the outside of a vehicle via magnetic mount it is strongly attached. Therefore, if the user tries to pull on the device in an attempt to have the system disconnect from the vehicle they will put significant amounts of strain on the glue and screws holding the magnet to the device. Over time this could weaken the attachment. In some rare cases this eventually led to the user pulling the GPS from the magnetic mount, leaving the user with a GPS in their hand and magnetic mount still attached to the frame of the vehicle.

What the user needs to do in order to successfully and safely remove the personal tracking system from a vehicle without causing strain to the device is to slide the GPS unit off the vehicle. By sliding the GPS the user can easily break the magnetic bond without causing any potential future damage to the system.

Anyone with additional questions regarding system operation or functions can contact a GPS expert at Tracking System Direct 7 days a week for assistance.