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Parts Kit For GPS Tracker

Replacement Parts Kit Extends GPS Life Even More

TrackingKey-Parts-KitFor over five (5) years, one of the world’s most popular passive trackers has been the GPS Tracking Key. Before the Tracking Key was created, no GPS data logger had the ability to securely attach to the outside of a vehicle via magnetic mount. Instead, the GPS had to be hard-wired for permanent installation, an often costly procedure. With the covert design, compact size, simple USB connection, water-resistant housing, long record abilities and exterior magnetic mount, the Tracking Key quickly took the GPS world  by storm. What was even more impressive with the design of the Tracking Key was that it was built for durability, allowing users to capture GPS data for years and years, never having any issues with tracker. However, while opening the battery compartment door to swap batteries, some Tracking Key users would lose a screw or two. Then some Tracking Key users would lose a rubber gasket or the USB protective cap, a very important piece that offers a defense for the USB drive (The USB drive allows the user to safely transfer to data stored on the car tracker to personal computer). Since the durable and reliable design of the Tracking Key allows any user to capture driving activity for years and years, many users will occasionally misplace or lose parts that are vital to the functionality of the GPS tracker, but that is okay because Tracking System Direct is now offering a Replacement Parts Kit for the popular passive system!

Tracking Key users who lose the screws used to seal the battery door, gaskets designed to offer water-resistance, the USB cap that safeguards the USB drive from dust/elemental conditions or break the battery-door compartment that holds the exterior magnetic mount can now use the cost-effective Replacement Parts Kit to quickly fix their GPS unit. It is very important that Tracking Key users do not try and use their GPS tracking system if any of these parts are missing, and the reason why is because they all are important to keeping the tracker safe! Without the rubber gaskets, the Tracking Key could become water-damaged by even a little spray of water, voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, and using the device without the USB cap could cause dust or corrosion to build up in the USB drive, resulting in the system no longer being able to transfer data.

Do not use your Tracking Key if it is missing any screws, gaskets or other pieces that are critical to the smooth running and protection of the system. Not only will it void your warranty, but it can also permanently damage your GPS tracker!

If you are missing any parts or pieces to your GPS, please contact a Tracking System Direct representative so they can assist you!