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Waterproof GPS Tracker

When engineer Robert Wagner developed the GPS Tracking Key nearly 6 years ago, nobody could have ever predicted how successful the tiny micro tracker would become. With nearly a million units sold worldwide, the Tracking Key has shown that it is still one of the most utilized vehicle tracking and automotive management systems ever created. Although the micro tracker has a sterling reputation as being an affordable, reliable and unique monitoring tool, some users have suggested that the manufacturer make some improvements to the device. One of the more specific improvements many users suggested was regarding the rubber gasket inside the battery door compartment of the unit.

Anyone who has ever inserted or changed the two AAA batteries that power the GPS Tracking Key is probably familiar with the rectangular-shaped, thin rubber gasket inside the battery door compartment. During the development stages, lead engineer Wagner wanted to create a GPS tracker that was essentially waterproof. Looking at the best possible options to manifest this vision, Wagner employed both an internal rubber gasket to surround the inside the line of the battery compartment door and four screws to make certain that the door was sealed tightly. Utilizing this strategy, Wagner was able to create one of the most water-resistant tracking devices the GPS tracking industry had ever seen. Although the design worked wonders on providing protection against the elements, some users viewed it as a slight annoyance.

Although the function of the rubber gasket is to provide water protection, the tiny rubber seal can at times be cumbersome to insert while changing batteries. Although the user’s manual and warranty info state that GPS Tracking Key users should always keep the rubber gasket inside the vehicle tracking solution if the tracking system is not going to be in contact with the elements than there really is no advantage to using the gasket. Therefore, if the most common placement of the GPS car tracking system is inside the cab of the motor car, water damage is likely not going to be any concern.

“All of us at Tracking System Direct (TSD) value feedback, including the skilled engineers who develop the most dynamic and high-performing personal GPS trackers“, explained a fleet management expert for TSD. “With both positive and negative customer feedback, we are able to gauge what features are working well and which ones could use modification. All of this information is dissected and implemented into future models of GPS monitoring solutions. For example, the two most common forms of feedback on the GPS Tracking Key that received negative feedback were battery-life and rubber gaskets. After analyzing the customer feedback, the GPS engineers were able to create the next generation of surveillance GPS in the GPS Tracking Key Pro, a device widely recognized as the top-performing passive tracker on the market. The GPS Tracking Key would likely never have transpired if it were not for the feedback of our valued and informed customers.”

If you have misplaced or lost the rubber gasket or any pieces to the GPS Tracking Key a replacement parts kit is available at a low cost.